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A River That is Wide

by: Guildford Windley

A River That Is Wide
On a river that is wide
Do we find a place to hide in the twist and turns as the river runs it way
Down the valley do we sail
On a boat that leaks
While people wail and cry
No there is no freedom
On a river that is wide
People on each bank see the other side
But no middle ground
Does the boatman find when he hears, the crying of the crowds
Above looking down at him
Those who know the truth
Will not say
For the boatman must find his own way
Down the twisted river
To a place of deliverance
For only then will the truth be
Upon them
Then freedom name
Will rise once more
To the folks on the rocky shores above the riverbanks
A bridge can close that big divide
And all can find peace of mind
When the boatman’s
Reaches the ocean’s door
He brings
Understanding and empathy
In his cargo hold
At safe water port
Where the bridge will be
So here we finally find that tranquility that frees the mind, of the hate inside of thee
Guildford H Windley
March 2, 2019

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