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A WOmanaging Director of the Company

by: Yasir Sulaiman

A short story dedicated to working women:

The clock struck 11 in the morning and everyone in the company was tense. Today was definitely going to take unexpected turns for all of them, as a new Managing Director had been appointed for their company. But there was no big deal in a new person being appointed for the post, but the problem lay in who it was. Though none of the staff or laborers had seen the person, they had heard from grapevine rumors that this person was a deadly and strict one, who was pretty infamous in the previous places that he had worked in. The faculty of this company had also learned from anonymous sources that he had been very harsh on workers who disobeyed the company’s rules, didn’t maintain discipline and punctuality or performed weakly in their respective posts. He was alleged to have even slapped a senior official of the company in broad daylight and in front of everyone, for sleeping during work hours.
This sent a shiver through all the worker’s spines as they waited for their new Managing director. They wondered how he would like and of what age he should be, if he indeed was as frightening as they had heard. Right then, the grand car of the chairman of the company arrived inside the company’s premises. As he was supposed to escort the new Managing Director to the company, all of them nervously stood the test of time to see ‘that’ new guy. Their chairman got out of the car first and then waited for his ‘guest’ in the car get out too. The faculty’s eyes nearly burst out of their sockets, as they strained to get a glimpse of the person and found out…it was a woman!”
Utterly confused with what was going on, everyone decided that she should be the chairman’s daughter or some other relative like that, as she was pretty young and appeared to be from an affluent family. Then their chairman accompanied her and came towards where the workers stood. He introduced her to them saying, “Meet Ashwathi Ramachander, your new Managing Director.”
Everyone stood still, not knowing how to react. This was nothing like what they would have imagined even in their wildest illusions. They silently welcomed her into the company’s main office and studied her more carefully. She appeared to be just a fresh graduate, if one studied her delicate features and fresh glow on the skin. This immediately brushed aside their fear, as they felt she would have landed in this job owing to the pressure of some influential person and not on her own merit. So their expressions lightened and many went to the extremes of even teasing her anonymously with words. Ashwati ignored all this and elegantly walked to her new office room. On her way, the guard in front of the room went one step further in teasing her by brushing one of his hands on her bottom. Ashwati immediately paused and turned around to him. Ashwati then asked him with a smiling face, “What’s your name?” The guard replied that his name was Manoj. Then Ashwati asked him since how much time had he worked here as a guard. When Manoj proudly replied that he had been working here for five years, Ashwati then told him coldly that it would useful for him to find a new job, as he had just lost his job in this company. As Manoj stared at her in shock, she continued smiling and then in a jerking motion, slapped him harshly on his face. “And that is for touching me. This is from me personally and has nothing to do with the company.
Immediately all understood that she is not a woman anyone should mess with. She was efficient and had climbed up the ladder learning several things on the way and had reached her by her own skills. She had redefined the meaning of the managing director of a company. She belonged to the new era and should individually be known as the WOmanaging Director of the company.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

This is very good, Yasir. One of your best for broaching such a controversy.

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