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The Song that Beats within my Heart

by: Guildford Windley

The Song that Beats within my Heart
The song beat in my heart
Beats a sad note to hear
The world that was so beautiful
Not so beautiful anymore
In a world of so much hate and racial divide
A world cold to those who are now marginalized
In a world where women, have to fight for their equal rights
My heart beats, with a song of sadness, of this place
The plant we call home
Where we turn the land that was once so good, now into barren earth the soil so poison
The air no longer can we breathe, for the smokestack of the cars and factories that billowing smoke does climb that air at one time was so fresh and clear
The water once pure no longer do we drink, for the poisons we flushed into them, the rivers and the creeks
Then the corporations have the gall to charge you for bottled water that you need
We did all this to make things that break within a week
So off to landfills do we seen this stuff we spent the time to create
More junk, more land do we need, but no places for the poor to sleep
No housing or a place to go, heartless are the answers for which the power gives, drive the homeless out is their solution
But much of the homeless are those who work, but the income that they make does not a living do they get
Sure there are those on the down and out who suffer from addiction and a mental condition, they need a helping hand, not the scorn of others and most of these here folks you wish to kick about, were at one time our countries fighter
We sent them off to war on a distant shore the person you see laying on the ground, unkempt and of foul smell is the shell of the body, the person who they were is still off on some distant shore in that god damn war
My heart does not sing a tune for the tears run from my face for the tragedy that we face
America, in some eyes maybe great to them, but what they see is greed to most human beings
We plunder and bomb the people we hate, and then extract their wealth
We overthrow the government and replace them for our own dictators and then have the gall to lecture the people on democracy all the while we’re an oligarchy
When people flee their home because of violence and poverty and seek a better life
They come to our shores, but what do we do
We tell them to go away our doors are closed
Yes we took your wealth, but we don’t want you
My heart is sad to think of the evil in our land
A war machine that keeps the wealthy rolling in the money, while we waste the youth on fighting
For wars that are never ending
Where corruption rules the day, a government that stacks the deck against the common man
A place where corporations do what they want and pay no heed to the people they steal and rob and no taxes do they pay
All the big shots send their money to their offshore accounts, their billionaires but when it comes to taxes they have taken a vow of poverty
The America I wish to see, take a new road where we are actually free where people matter more than riches
Where we can breathe clean air and drink, sweet water
The food we eat won’t actually poison us
A place where my heart can rejoice with a new beginning
A song that I can share of a world with hope and not despair
For a world at peace, with love and respect for all no matter who they were
This is the song I want my heart to sing
Guildford H Windley
April 28, 2019

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