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An empath, filled with compassion

An empath, filled with compassion

by: Melanie Edison

Spent most of my life living in pain
There were days that I thought I was going insane
Pointing finger at myself in order to blame
Then was told I had a gift and things started to change

An empath, filled with compassion
Had a life purpose and mission
It can be overwhelming
And at first was confusing

As I lend an open ear
Know there is nothing to fear
When it comes to your pain
I can feel it just the same

I know how you feel
This is very very real
This helps me help you heal
It’s really no big deal

Found the greatest solution
To the darkest depression
Now my biggest motivation
Is to act on compassion

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Samantha LeBoeuf
3 years ago

You are an extremely talented writer. you may want to consider submitting this poem in the Poetry Contest beginning September1, 2018. You may notice above, you may now share your poem from daily wisdom words to twitter, google+, facebook and email. This is a new feature that allows you to login to only daily wisdom words and post from just this site. Thank you for sharing. Samantha

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