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How much compassion do you have for other people’s feelings?

Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary Meaning of Compassion:  1.  Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.  2.  Deep awareness of the suffering of another accompanied by the wish to relieve it.  3.  A feeling of distress and pity for the suffering or misfortune of another, often including the desire to alleviate it.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Compassion:  1.  The feeling of wishing to take away bad feelings of another human being because of sincere empathy or sympathy.

Compassion is a deep daily wisdom word and one of the most important words you will ever read on.  Compassion is the ability to clearly identify with another’s issues or problems, and (empathize) with them.  The difference between empathy and sympathy is this:  empathy is being able to feel what another is feeling and identify with that person from the heart.  Sympathy is simply feeling bad for that person.  Compassion is more about empathy.

Compassion is lacking more today then ever, in my opinion in others, and I could use a little more of it myself.  People are so focused on “self”, that it is harder for them to notice when another individual is hurting, because they are caught up with their cell phones, fit bits, ear buds, and music, leaving them unable to be reached when another needs compassion from them because they are so self-involved.

We think more logically today from our heads instead of from our hearts, but this is not true for everybody.  People that work with others tend to be capable of being more compassionate as they are not as involved with themselves.  In fact, the more we “help”” others, the more we are capable of compassion.  We can actually see and feel what the other person is going through, and live in their shoes, (empathy).

I know when I listen more than talk with individuals, I find I am able to feel more compassion.  When I am busy talking about myself, this is not the case.  That is one of the reasons that it is more important to listen then if is to talk, although communication from one to the other does encourage the other to communicate more in general.

Live from the heart.  Think from the head.  This is a good philosophy overall.  If we are living from the heart, we are thinking of others and are much more capable of compassion.  A compassionate person is also a kind person and kindness just doesn’t seem to be in high demand from ourselves these days.  I don’t mean to sound cynical by any means, because kindness and compassion is out there.  It is just harder to find, because things are so self revolving in general.

Take time to live from the heart with others.  If your thinking about someone, take it one step further, and call them or reach out to them.  It probably would mean the world to them to hear from you.  Reach out with your emotions, not your logic with others just a little more.

There is one last benefit to compassion I would like to mention.  When we are listening and are empathizing with another, even when we are simply just listening to their problems,  when we have done so, we feel good about ourselves.  We feel badly for them, but good about ourselves for taking the time to show compassion and feel it for them from our hearts.

Try this and focus on how you feel after helping another, after you focus on them first.  You will be amazed that the benefits serve both parties, because giving to others, rather than receiving from them always feels wonderful.

Thank you for reading about compassion today.  I hope that it has enlightened you in some way.  When I write on these types of wonder wisdom words, I know it reminds me of what is really important in life.

Tomorrow is Music Poetry Prompt with Peter Petersen, and we have had nothing but more new members and positive feedback from it since Peter came up with the idea and put legs to it.  It starts at 15:00 European Standard Time Saturday.  You can tweet Peter with any questions @PeterPe37464731@twitter.com if you have any questions I haven’t answered.  He is wonderful and always available to answer anything I may not have covered.  Instead a Poem on the daily wisdom word, you will write a poem or quote on a song Peter has tagged someone in the group to pick by alphabetical order.  They will pick their favorite song, and Peter will tweet it out to those that have expressed interest in participating.  If for some reason, you would like to participate and don’t get tweeted, please send Peter a message, and he will be happy to send the song to you, so you may participate as well.  We would love to have as many people join us who would like to participate!!

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Have a beautiful and blessed day!


Samantha Leboeuf

@Samanylize@twitter.com  email address:  Samantha@dailywisdomwords.com  Webpage:  dailywisdomwords.com.




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Mélanie Edison (@intuitivehg)
2 years ago

Spent most of my life living in pain There were days that I thought I was going insane Pointing finger at myself in order to blame Then was told I had a gift and things started to change An empath, filled with compassion Had a life purpose and mission It can be overwhelming And at first was confusing As I lend an open ear Know there is nothing to fear When it comes to your pain I can feel it just the same I know how you feel This is very very real This helps me help you heal It’s… Read more »

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