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AS A Cloud Floats By

AS A Cloud Floats By

by: Guildford Windley

As A Cloud Floats By
It’s been weeks, maybe months since I have seen the light of day
Trap in my room without a chance to leave this place
To walk the streets once more, to sit at my favorite café and to be with my friends and talk and laugh the day away
To shop at the stores on my walk upon the avenue, to greet those people who I see each day
Not now for the virus has plagued us so—I’m afraid, to leave my house, a fear has takin control
Death has come all so fast, to people of my age- the old, the elderly, and now evens the young
My daughter brought new supplies, just today- She put on a brave face
Food and drink and other necessities, as a treat she brought me sugar cones and strawberry ice cream to eat
She lifted my spirits with her smile, as she told me of the things that I should be grateful for- of friends and family
My grandchildren sent a picture of the big blue sky and of great white clouds floating by, this picture gave to me a great big smile– for in my mind, and I knew the children gave to me, this inspiration
With my daughter standing there, I show to her, what the children picture met
I held up a sugar waffle cone just outside my windowsill and line it up with the sky; there I caught a beautiful white cloud as it floated by
In my hand was a fluffy cloud resting in my cone
As my daughter and I looked at what I have done, we realize what a world we have, the beauty that is everywhere and how it is lost to us, for we don’t take the time to see it
Oh it’s there all right; we don’t pay attention to what truly matters, for our thoughts are on our day to
Day lives
We do not take the time to see the beauty that surrounds us
It gave me pause, with the magic of my cone filled with this pure white cloud
I realize like my cloud as it floats away from my cone, without a care, the life I live- the struggles and the fears that I have, that absorb my life, will like a floating cloud, come to past someday
Guildford H Windley
March 18, 2020

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