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Freedom, Dreams and Action

by: Guildford Windley

Freedom, Dreams and Action
In righteous joy
In righteous pain
Each step we take May, not be ahead
But in his name, we should persist
For freedoms gained can soon be a loss
There are those who seek a time when their rule was absolute
A, for white hetero male control, with only token rights for those who don’t fit that bill a Freedom is not a gift of man, but that which God intends yes, a land for all to share a place where equality is not a dream
Our rights and freedoms are not assured, but which are gained in righteous struggles, we speak-up so that our voices are heard, one voice can make the different
It takes that lone voice to bring the passion to show the way to action
To stand unafraid to all that opposed the voice of reason
To bring the hope of change to benefit all the people
We have had those who, have come among us, who gave their all, for justice
All struggles begin with injustice, and then voices raise and that they are heard
That first step we take to change the world, to make that world a better place
But ever so, we must take guard for when we are distracted that’s when freedoms and rights can be altered by those in power
Here we are at this point in time
The man-made wolf of the evil kind
Have control of the farm and are leading the lambs to the slaughter
Using all their power they will take away your rights and freedom, in exchange for token promises that will be broken
We have gained so much, from the giants that came before us
Let’s not fall asleep, for each step we take to climb that mountain will be fraught with peril
The climb upon the mountain trail is steep and at times seems insurmountable
But let’s keep our focus clear, and let not the other bring about despair, let’s not find divisions and distractions among us, for they will only destroy us
We have a long way to go, so much injustice
Black people shot in the street by our police
The native girls who disappear, the Forgotten Women
Women’s rights, minority equality, Sexual freedom
The rights of immigrants, both those who came legally or who came for human rights
Workers’ rights and religious freedom, and freedom for a non-believer
These struggles and others we must fight for even when we don’t agree, we need to fight so they are free
Stand up to tyranny, for the road we take has been traveled before by those who saw a better world for all
Now it’s our turn to spread the word
Spoken by heroes of the past
We can dream, but we need to act, for dreams will not come true, until we rise up and changes the rules!
Guildford H Windley
January 21, 2019

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Noble Member
2 years ago

This is wonderful, Guildford!! Such an amazing writer!! Samantha

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