We all have hardships in our lives, at one point or another.  How are hardships defined in our Webster Dictionary?

Hardship-1.  severe suffering or privation.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of hardship-Those events that we go through in life that cause us pain and suffering, but these same events on the other side of tragedy, are the ones that always teach us something.

We learn from our tragedies. Hardships and tragedies can teach us to be better people, because hardship and tragedy bring about dignity and grace depending on how we choose to handle the hardship.

Unfortunately, hardships can also bring about bitterness and anger and pain, again choosing how we handle the hardship.  When I think of hardship, I think about money and a lack of it, and yes, I have been there.  In fact, where I am living now, has to do with a hardship that happened three years ago, when I lost my home, due to a financial hardship.  I would love to tell you I handled it with dignity and grace, but this was not the case.

Because my mother was five minutes away from the home where I used to live, moving over a half hour away from her seemed like a move to another state.  She had been so close in proximity, that we literally could borrow a cup of sugar from one another.  The new home we moved into was also in a different city than I had been in, and I get lost very easily.

I found myself filled with resentment and anger over this financial hardship, especially when the payment on the new home rose, after a year of living there to approximately the same amount the old house had cost.  I also found myself further away from my friends and not knowing my neighbors.  Instead of looking at this as a new opportunity and a chance to grow, I was looking at it as a death sentence.

Hardships can teach us lessons.  Yes, I still wish I lived in my old house but this new home has brought about the opportunity to grow as an individual, and it is all in the perspective I choose to identify it in that determines if this hardship ultimately has a negative or positive outcome.  The verdict is still out.

Think about hardships you’ve gone through in your life, and how you felt when you got to the other side and through the hardship itself.  You were stronger, hopefully because the hardship happened.  the choice, is always ours to learn from a hardship and turn a negative into a positive, or not.

Thank you so much for reading about hardships today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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