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I Never Knew her pain

I Never Knew her pain

by: Guildford Windley

As I look at her full of smiles, eyes so bright, as I told her about my day
I never knew her pain, I never heard her cry
I was in my own damn world
As I see her standing there I thought all was well, she looked all alive
But I was so blind by my own world of me, so involved in my own needs
I never knew her pain, I never heard her cry
She was always there to wait on my needs, her face always with smiles her mouth with kind words
But I was so blind to her needs
Yes, I love her but did I love her or did I love her taking care of me
Why did I not know what was burning in her soul
The pain that she felt, her needs
She said she told me many times, but my ears were close to her words
For as she speaks I did not listen my thoughts were on me and my world
The mask she so wore to hide the pain, one day fell away to reveal a woman full of rage
The pain that she bore she shouted out as she walked out the door- it’s you
You’re all about yourself, never a word of love for me- no touch to show you’re caring
Never once did you see me, or listen to my words -for everything had to be about you
You don’t need my love that I tried to share with you- All I wanted was your love and a world of our own
But now I’m moving on, my strength now renewed, my focus on me, not on you
You’ll find, for on the wall is a mirror, for you that is all you ever needed for love!
Guildford H Windley
March 3, 2020

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