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Last Night I Dreamed

Last Night I Dreamed

Last night I dreamed I caught two dragonflies. The first came to me early in the evening as the rays of the setting sun danced their bright and beautiful rainbow ballet, across the water. Out of the blinding sparkles it came to me, with a lovely face, pink cheeks and lips dark lashes over bright green eyes. Wings of iridescent gold and blue, green and pink that played an airy tune, as on an ancient flute with a wordless song.
Our time together sweet and peaceful we talked of many of my favorite things.
The sound of rain, and puppy kisses, bunny noses, pretty dresses, homemade fudge at Christmas, soft warm blankets that make me feel safe, and bringing a smile to someone’s face. Our delights in life and laughter tinkling on the the wind.
The dragonfly became tired and needed to sleep, so I put it in a jar with 7 soft leaves.

I was not so tired, I stayed by the dark water, glassy smooth and deep. The moon and stars showed on it with such crispness it was impossible to know if I was looking up or down, I feared loosing my way I would drown.
The a soft breeze suddenly came to me from across the lake. Cool then matching the temperature of my skin. Sensually caressing my forehead, cheeks moving down to my neck and throat, sliding along my shoulders then arms. Slipping into my clothes as if to undress me, this excitement was nothing I had felt before.

I watched as the perfect image of the moon turned into ripples of clear white moon light.
A new dance, a dance of the children of the night, with graceful movements, soft flowing robes of pure white lushly falling against the skin.
Then came to me, as did the first, a dragonfly out of the pure light. It’s face was alabaster cool and white. Blue crystal eyes so clear and frightening. The wings were that of raven’s wings, so black even in the pure moon light shown with an indigo hue. I was transfixed. It was magnificently beautiful and frightening all at once. I wanted to chase it away and feel safe…at the same time I wanted it to be close, I longing to know it’s touch, maybe it’s was like that of the breeze.

It talked to me of many things, delightful things, things that made me fear, things that made me want, all things I had never heard before, most I could not understand. These… it promised to show me another time. I was filled with new anticipation.

As it spoke and I listened, long into the night. Then I became very sleepy and could not stay awake. I happily let the night take me. The last I remember I was looking up as he gently brushed my breast with his wing. I was half struggling to understand, as it appeared to be bigger then I! I felt so small and safe in the grass. I woke in my bed, the first dragonfly near me on my night table. She lay sleeping peacefully on the leaves.

Every evening the same, as the sun set the first dragonfly and I would talk and laugh. She would dance in the light on the water and I would admire her beauty. Every night once she had gone to sleep, he would come to me from the moon light on the breeze. Every morning I would wake in my bed.
I had a vague realization many days had pasted. I also began to realize that I that he seemed to grow taller and more human like.

I had come to spend less and less time with the first dragonfly and more with him. I had even stopped taking her to dance on the water. She was getting weak and asked to be released, that I would save her life.

So that evening I took her to the lake and let her go…… no music in her wings, no dancing on the light. I couldn’t help myself. I did not want to care for her, I wanted only for him to care for me. I had the idea I could not have both. As the darkness came in deep, he approached me I was surprised to see that his whole form except for those massive wings, was now alabaster, cool and white. It terrified me to find that form was the form of a man! How had I not noticed this before…. I started to run…. but he reached out with those great ebony wings and folded me in to him. I was so small, not a feeling of being small, but a knowing of being helpless and small.

I woke not in my bed, but in her jar, on a soft luxurious bed of deep deep red and pink, fragrant and heady rose peddles, sitting on the table.. next to his bed.


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