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Our Front Line Heroes

Our Front Line Heroes

by: Guildford Windley

Our Front Line Heroes
Her eyes look tired, she already looks beat
The life she fought for over a week
Now lies lifeless as if they were asleep
Another battle, another defeat
Her heart is broken she cries but moves on
Other patients are suffering choking and gasping for air
Damnit where is a ventilator I need it for her
She hears the voice of a coworker calling to her
I’ll bring you the ventilator from room six
The patients just died, they’ll not need it anymore
She works her ass off in fourteen-hour shifts her clothes covered in who know what
Now the company who owns the hospital wants the staff to take a pay cut
She is twenty plus something, once full of life
But the pain and suffering has hardened her life
Her face looks all of thirty-five
She sleeps where ever she can, has not been home to see her husband and kids since heaven knows when. Her fear of transferring the unseeing bug keeps away from the hugs and kisses she needs
A laptop with zoom is her lifeblood to the ones that she loves
Still each dawn of the day she ready and able to keep up the struggle
The doctors and nurses, all in the medical profession battle a virus that can mutate in a minute
These are our heroes, on the front line of a battle
There are those with their own agenda, who will lie and say the battle is over or not real.
These folks who live in an ivory tower see not the pain or the loss of life needlessly loss so someone can make a buck
They want their world back to normal, but blind are they to the suffering
Besides its only old folks that are dying and that’s a lie
This virus attacks all human weakness; it cares not for age, race, religion or political affiliation
But in the hospital she busy as numbers of sick increases
She’s fighting till the end, so many have given their all
Then there are some medical folks who get so depressed that they do their selves in
While the real war rages in hospitals over crowed
There are those who demand an end to this shelter in place
So it’s in harm’s way, you must go because your employer tells you so
Or you’re bored and want to go out and have some fun
Forget shelter-in-place, no mask so what
Social distancing why Laura Ingraham says it does not work
When the bullshit clears and you’re infected and sick
It won’t be some politician, businessman or TV queen fighting for your life
As your laying their fight for each breath
It will be a nurse or a doctor with a smile on their worn face, with words encouragement and comfort
So think twice, before you make contact with others, who knows who has the virus
Let’s all do our part so our heroes, the real warriors can return home to their families for some much deserve hugs and kisses.
Guildford H Windley
May 10, 2020

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