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So, I actually looked up some Wonderful songs for mothers all over the globe. Stumbled upon one this morning but it was an indigenous song you’d probably love but not understand. Hence, this song which I actually heard in a very wonderful series.

The song goes out to all the wonderful mothers in the globe. Take this time out to listen to the song, compose a poem for your mother and share with us.

Remember, you could tell someone about us or probably write a review on Google for DWW.

Poetry contest is still on. $200 for best poem.

Just so you know, we love you.





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@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_6185)
11 months ago

‪Sunlight opens my memories
forty-eight hour labor
cherishes us like no one
eyes that traveled in time.

Dancing a samba all our lives
we stepped forward with her
loving embrace around us
every song was ours.

Living in syncopated rhythm
she umbrellaed our lives
storms feared her wrath
I love you, Mom.

Michelle (@guest_6175)
11 months ago

Hovering haze
twinkle my eyes loving
the litany of joys
Sweetly praised
in my mama’s gaze

forested groves
Brings me home
to the treasures i crave
mystically bold
her love to hold

crested emotions
heart beat devotion
mellifluously shines
under a golden sky
larger than life

Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
11 months ago

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
It’s Mama who sings the lullaby to the little Christian babe.
Says the mantra for the Hindus mild,
Turns her face to Mecca for the Islam child.
Mama, we are always your most willing slave.
This place is your Empire,
To your loving will we cave.

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