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She is All The Love I Need

She is All The Love I Need

by: Guildford Windley

She Is All the Love I Need
She is the world to me
A song that my heart will sing forever
Her ways, always hold sway over my brain I’m blind to everything
It’s hard to tell what this spell is, that she has on me that makes me act so weak and look so silly every time I see her face
Every little thing she does, even those that drive me nuts, are the things that fill my soul, my heart and blind my mind to her love
She is all the love I need
Yes, I must confess that my life would be a mess without the love she gives
Her smiles and her frowns, her tears and her laughs make my day, makes my life all so gay
I just want to be in her arms, held tight by all her charms
Through the years have passed, and my age has taken its toll on my health, my heart still beats hard for the love she gives too me
Now in the shadows of death, a time that will come someday, I look back on my life and thank God her love, for her kiss will hold my soul forever and a day
No matter what awaits my fate, I thank God for the life that I had, the good and the bad, not perfect, but real.
In my last and final breath my thoughts will be of her, and the children that we had.
I know that when I go, I will feel her near to me, I’ll smell the sweetness of her hair, the warmth of her breath, the softness of her skin will be the touch upon my memory.
I’ll take with me on my journey into the afterlife, a lifetime of loving, happiness and joy.
In the end, I understand that no matter how much gold you hold.
How hard you spend your time living just for riches and for wealth
In the end, when you must go, those things will lose what value that you place on them, for those things have no value for you for where you go they are earthly bound and will be no more of value to your soul.
In short, I thank the Lord, for the woman who gave to me all the love I’ll ever need; for all that love will carry me, until the end of time!
Guildford H Windley
November 4, 2019

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