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That Old Devil Moon in the Sky

That Old Devil Moon in the Sky

by: Guildford Windley

That Old Devil Moon in the Sky
As I sit here looking out the window something comes to mind
My mind wanders back through time as I look into the sky from my window
They’re as big as ever, that old devil moon does shine
Hey Hun, take a look out the window as I turn to see my wife who’s in the kitchen
Do you recall, seeing that same moon so many years ago
Remember, my love how this wonderful romance began
We met at our friend’s wedding, do you recall
You caught my eye right away on that cable car ride that was part of the wedding
We talk and dance the night away at the party after the
Then we walk out on the patio, we looked into the sky boy was it bright, the moonlight
Yes, that old Devil Moon was working its magic, you know they were playing that song that night
I stumbled with words, you laugh as we dance, under that old Devil Moon
Will that was the start of a beautiful romance but we took our time
As I recall you misplace a bouquet, I just manage to find and it came to mind that I should see the next day
Soon we had our first date, a movie I recall then dinner with friends under the evening stars with our old friend that Devil Moon in the sky
You know my dear as I smile our first night married, as we dance to that old Devil Moon while it, the old moon look down on us
That old moon has so many stories it could tell as it spies down on us, yes that old devil moon has its own set of eyes
I remember a time when we were just married and on our honeymoon, we were up the California coast that beautiful night under a big old moon that we celebrated our Romance
Yes that old devil moon was in your eyes that night
Do you recall that time when on a trip before we had kids, we were one night from home, with little but change in our pockets
But you found a way to make that disaster turn into a most romantic of evenings ever
Cheap cheeseburgers for two with fries and a coke
We ate as we sat on the sea wall, with that Old Devil Moon in the sky shining down on the bay of old Monterey town
Then do you remember the night your water had broken, with that old moon as a guide we got you to the hospital in the nick of time, when our second little girl was born, I bet that old devil moon had a smile on that night
Gee all those great trips to the lake, the family we have three beautiful girls as we watch them grow up under that old devil moon in the sky
Now the girls are gone, with families of their own, but my dear our romance is still going strong
Time certainly did fly but with you by my side under that old devil moon in the sky I could not have asked for a better romance than love that we have
Hey dear, do you hear that song that’s playing on the radio, its Sinatra singing that song “Old Devil Moon”
Come out onto the porch and let’s dance with a swag showing our romance for the world to see under that old devil moon in the sky
Oh I can see by that look in your eyes that magic spell from our old friend the moon is working quite well
It’s that old devil look in your eyes, I think it’s time to say goodnight to our old friend in the sky!
Guildford H Windley
February 1, 2020

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