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The Ecstasy and the Cruelty of Love

by: Guildford Windley

The Ecstasy and the Cruelty of Love
The touch, the feel
Of when you hold me, dear
Of you being near, I need it so
Your breath upon my ear
Like a drug, that I can’t control
I’m strong when I’m free of the chains you place on me
But deep down within my soul, I can’t let go of you
I must return to your control, for the life of me, I just can’t let go
I know that you have so many others, more beautiful than me
Here tonight, I see you with a new delight
At this party, all our friends can see how you treat me
As you spoon all over that beauty, that you see with your eyes
Come now my love, please don’t make me beg
For this I ask of you, don’t let me be
A clown before our friends, stop hanging on to some other man’s wife
It’s time to go, give me that dignity, and please leave with me
She will wait for your return, but please I beg, take me home
No more do I wish to see, as you pay no attention to me
Walk with me in the dark of night hold hand and lead the way
It’s not that far to walk, please give me this
The looks on my friend’s faces are too much for me to take
I want to cry, but I’ll hold it in until I’m alone in bed once again
Take me home now for I beg of thee, walk with me
I know that once you have me home, you will leave and I will be alone
But I know that once you had your way, with the one you chose tonight she will fade from your mind
That is the morning light you’ll return, to me at our home
I’ll swear and throw a fit, and regret ever knowing you
But in the end, I know the truth I’m bound to cry
For when you take me in your arms, I’ll lose all control of all my emotions
For when you touch me, my body tingles with anticipation
Your breath upon my ear a sensation of deep satisfaction
As you bring me close to you, my mind goes blank
Resistance to the deeds you have done, no longer can I cling to
It simply ends for me, with a whimper
When my dress falls to the ground
The web you spun, has caught me once again
The chains that lock me so to your control are now in place
Your infidelity, for now, slip away in the ecstasy of your embrace
Once again I’m yours!
Guildford H Windley
April 6, 2019

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