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Where Oh, Where is the Report

by: Guildford Windley

Where oh, where is the report
Now that we are here
Where is the report
Where oh, where is the report
In the April part of the year
The fool’s day seems to run past the first
In the Rhapsody of the moment
The con man’s yaps to the wind
I’m being picked on, I have done no harm
They’re all jealous have how great I am
Witch hunt it was, just ask Barr, he understood
Barr gave you the words, of the report
What more do you need to know
Let’s move on from Mueller’s report
Our Country Has spoken, I’m the greatest that the worlds ever are known
Listen to my words I’m innocent, you need not see another word
In delirious dance, the minion cry, no collusion, no obstruction
Lock her up they all cried
In Congress, his lackeys do their part to keep the public in the blind
Meanwhile, Barr sits in a white house office under Jared’s eyes
Redacting truth; replacing with white house lies!
If indeed we one day we were to see the report, it would not look good for the jerk
Putin won’t let that happen, for he paid lots to buy the President!
Guildford H Windley
April 4, 2019

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