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The Game We Play

by: Guildford Windley

The Game We Play
It’s in the wind the sounds I hear
The cries of people everywhere
For Justice and freedom
We work and toil
For so little
As the man takes and takes
More from your soul
As well as your wallet
In the hot sun
Or in the rain
Work you do
For the man
He lives on high
Why you struggle so
Fine wines and caviar
For him
The scraps of junk food are what you get
A vicious cycle do we dance
For if we don’t
There’s no dough
The fear is the driving factor
Hold you down
For your dreams don’t matter
In a world
Where the cards are stacked
Rich man sets the rules
For the maze in which you run
No justice
No freedom
Is for you
For the game, you play
The rich man always wins
My friend
Guildford H Windley
March 3, 2019

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