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The Heroes that have passed

The Heroes that have passed

by: Guildford Windley

The Heroes that have passed
Angles rise from the flames of man’s evil follies.
Those that fight for truth, died at the hands of the profiteer
Wars waged on a lie, to profit from black gold in the ground.
But the weak, the poor and the innocent must die removed from the land that they own.
No tears, no one to cry for the lost souls
There is no justice in this world, as the power brokers make their moves.
Only they do profit from the wars that they have sown.
While those that cling to the power for their rewards prop up the cowards.
The swords that hold on to the power, hang in the balance of shifting alliance.
The rich will do whatever to hold that power, for control of the wealth is their desire.
Their puppets place before the mindless minions; distraction and a lie, a ruse is what they use.
Play a tune for which they dance in a mindless trance blinded from the truth.
But in the midst of a worldwide genocide from a climate that will not abide by the works of the profit man, we have held hostage to fossil fuels.
People do rise up and take a stand they fight for the cause of humanity to save a world on the brink of insanity.
There are heroes from near and far, shining stars that rise up for the rest, they take up the fight and they persist to bring forth the truth.
But the way to often their light last but for a second these are the angles we sent to heaven.
The shifting sand of world lands and the politics that breeds the wars of the profit man will always be.
Greed is the quest for the oil that drives the cursed, a cursed that blinds a man from reason.
The balance in the book of life, from creation to eternity for those that fight for justice will outweigh the evil that has been done.
For each and every soul that has been lost and is heaven bound; there in their place a soul to carry on.
The fight for human dignity and justice is a fight that never won; it’s a battle of good over evil in a war for the souls of humankind.
Guildford H Windley
October 19, 2019

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
1 year ago

Very good work, Guildford. I would like to interview you for as a featured poet in Wise Poets. Message me if you’re interested.

Shirley Satterfield (@guest_3137)
1 year ago

Thank you so much for granting the interview, I am honored. I would like to do it by email this first time, so if you could send me an e-mail confirmation at my email address I will take it from there and compose the questions this weekend after I write my Wise Poets blog. My email address is I can send you the questions early next week. Thank you so much. ♥️????

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