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The Omen of the Raven

The Omen of the Raven

by: Guildford Windley

The Omen of the Raven
The Raven came on a dreary day
No peace can come of this
The darkness spreads across the land
No peace can come of this
The Raven in the trees above the cities, towns, and villages
The cry of the Raven is an ill omen for there is no peace, just hate and violence
Death is the cry the Raven makes
No peace can come of this
Chaos reigns across the land as it descends into a hellish nightmare
The flames of war, brothers, and sisters of the same land take to strike at each other
No one can hear the words of peace; no one is willing to understand each other
Peace cannot be, only violence is the norm
The Raven on its perch sees the destruction of man, the pain and suffering
Why, the question begs for an answer?
No peace can come of this
No one to listen, to reach out with a hand no one to reason with
The flames of hate bring only destruction
A hellish nightmare
Ah raven on its perch so high, cries for humanity; but will we listen, will we look to the skies
For the dove of peace, to bring the healing our Country needs!
Guildford H Windley

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