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The Oracle of a Lost Pilgrim

The Oracle of a Lost Pilgrim

by: Allan Omamo

The Oracle of a Lost Pilgrim

I’ve relinquished everything to seek trust, truth and love
One humanity couldn’t offer
One beyond eternity
One beyond everything.

I relinquish my rights to believe in unbelief
To live without God and dreams of obscurity
My tomorrow defined and written confusion
I live without a reason
In reality, without a thought about a thing.

I’ve relinquished my rights to resistance
Silently embracing submissions
Why should I resist truth and end up a rebel
Though at times I mess up big!
I resist propaganda politics
stereotyping, racism, tribalism and corruption.

I’ve relinquished my rights to fly to the moon!
Or the stars or mass or to Pōwehi
Though many times I’ve been there
Unwilling, uninvited silent and curious
In my stupid slumber and dreams.

I’ve relinquished my global citizenship
This village is messed up
People speak English and write in it
Where is my Swahili, Lulogoli and smoke signals
I want to be alone, writing my English
poems on Twitter.

I’ve relinquished my love
My only love, the Love side of my brain
Why should I keep it, when the
world badly needs it
I can manage, I’ll sit down and
write them love poems
My brains mills away, keeping them world safe.

I’ve relinquished my rights to Save one soul
All of them reborn need a savior
Maybe I should buy street sound, street shoes and a thesaurus
And hit the road writing poems, singing hallelujah
Reading the holy Creed and praying in secret.

I’ve also relinquished my native rights for chicken
Am a vegan, native Italist not Rastafarian
My reasons so Nobel, and clear like the sky
As my ancestors once practiced, so I will if I must…
Smoked and sun dried is quite healthy still, am sorry.

I’ve relinquished everything for nothing till the end of misery
Because nothing exists if all we fight about is vanity
If all we desire is vanity till the end
If all our dreams are vanity without God.

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Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield(@shirleymandelsatterfield) (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

“And I also-relinquish my right to live strictly for self to be lit from above. by a heavenly love.”This is a very profound poem that I am going to have to read again to get the full message. It has the mark of good poetry which always needs to be read again and again.

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