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What does a Daily Wisdom Words Include for just a one-time fee of $10?  ($5.00 HOLIDAY SPECIAL FOR LIFETIME CLUB MEMBERSHIP/UNLIMITED

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With a 30 page Website, Daily Wisdom Words is a Writer’s Paradise Website, for ALL of the writing community, and just $10 to Join for a lifetime!

Authors, Poets, Songwriters, and Bloggers can all benefit for being part of this community! Quickly, I will go over some of the highlights of joining Daily Wisdom Words. 

      1. Daily Wisdom Words Blog, (what you’ve just been reading.) . published Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

  1. Neel’s Wisdomology, a page for quotes, along with Neels personal suggestions, as well as a poem he crafts.  He then asks you some questions: Scroll down beneath his post, on our website,, to the “Join the discussion, area”.  Participate! You gain the advantages in actively participating and meet other members.  
  2. Picture Poetry-Mon-Friday hosted live with Ace.  Our picture poetry page is one of our most popular parts of our website.  Everyday, from 9:00am -4:00pm Ace is available to comment on your poem which you create based on the picture Ace provides, and incorporate the two words he provides into the poem. 
  3. Shirley’s Past and Present Wise Poets-Articles are published by 9:00-11:00 am EST. every Saturday, and are so interesting, giving you fascinating facts about Famous Poets!  You will learn so much, and Shirley is available for your comments/questions Saturday throughout the day as well.  
  4. Community Writing Page, also known as “Community Corner”.  This page is designed for all members to do with, as they wish, by publishing poetry to share with others, short stories, and quotes, used by all writers.  Authors, this is a great place for you to share a blurb about your “NEW Book Release”, what the books about, and a link. 
  5. Personal Portfolio Page, one given to each members.  This page has been formatted for your profile, uploading links, photos, history, brief resume of who you are.  More importantly, you have the option to send out friend requests, receive them from other members in the community with individuals who hold the same interests as you.  I have made some of the best friends here on our website. and
  6. DWW MUSIC PROMPT every Saturday and Sunday hosted from 9:00am to 3:00pm by Monday ABuh! A very popular song is picked, and played on the website.  You listen to the song, scroll down beneath its lyrics, and write a poem about it! Daily Wisdom Words is a Family oriented community, and we would love to have you join for just $10 for a lifetime membership!! One of the biggest benefits of each daily wisdom words webpage on our website, is that a button is right there for you to push on every post you make to repost on twitter, facebook, linkedin or Reddit, so with this option, we ask all of you to do your writing on the website and tweet or send out to FB, with the click of a button!  NEW: Available to Members only!! -Wise advice, a counseling program with myself and Neel. You not only can request advice, but you can request for it privately or publicly, by email or phone, and pick myself or Neel to be your Life Coach/Listener. We are not licensed counselors, but feel we have much to offer based on wisdom gained from mistakes we learned from.

We also offer inexpensive book reviews, a $50 Special for a Full Book Review, which is published in two places on the website, ( and our online library.!!  Join today! We want our family to include you! Isn’t it time to make a change? The truth is you would not have read this far unless you already knew this…….The Daily Wisdom Words Team!!

Samantha Leboeuf-founder/daily wisdom words, LLC
Founder: Daily Wisdom Words, LLC. I love Poetry and am an Author as well.   There is a lot of meaning in the title of my book, Daily Wisdom Words, Volume l. My previous experience is in Sales and Marketing. Previously, I was in charge of Development through the Marketing and Sales of New Homes' in new home communities for close to 20 years.  I was a licensed Real Estate Broker selling/listing homes in the Colorado market.  While doing this, I hosted a cable network show called, "From Trees to Keys", my portion for Colorado Living Inc.. I enjoyed creating interview questions, working for Developers of New Home Communities, hosting Live on actual construction sites, describing and displaying on television camera various stages of construction as the home was built from start to finish. I interviewed various land developers, New Home Builders, Real Estate Brokers, and other people in the Real Estate Business for one year. Previous Experience: I was licensed through the "Securities and Exchange Commission" as a Principal for Limited Partnerships and sold them as well. I held a Series 22, 63, as well as License, to manage a brokerage firm called a series 39. I enjoyed running a small branch office of an Oil and Gas Company in Colorado for approximately one year. Hobbies: I have always loved Poetry and Writing.  I was declared "Permanently Disabled" due to Breast Cancer and CRPS-(Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome).  I began focusing on my writing. I volunteered for an online poetry community,  "Realistic Poetry" for approximately six months. I decided to start Daily Wisdom Words, LLC after volunteering for an online poetry community and thinking of ways that I would improve this concept and offer something for every KIND of #Writer:  Authors, Bloggers, Poets, Songwriters, Original Quote Creatives, and short story writers. I have two grown children, a son, 33, and a daughter 31,  who lives in Idaho with her husband. They have a son, my first grandchild who will be three years old, soon!  They welcomed their second child, Easton Jay into the world, 5/4//2021. Updates are necessary as my son is now married to my lovely daughter-in-law who is awesome.  She just gave birth to their first son on 5/5/2021, who is so beautiful having the name Logan James Leboeuf. This is her and my son's first child.  Hard to believe their child has a birthday one day ahead of my daughter and son-in-law's second child, Little E.  So exciting!!  I love children! Thanks so much for reading!  We humbly love this community and the members who are part of it. We think of ourselves as a family, and every member makes up part of it.  Please view our website, fully as it is constantly changing!!  We are always adding new prompts, and new content, and are so very proud to be debuting with our first podcast, "Daily Wisdom Words Podcast."  Episode #101 with Dr. Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  She will be our first guest.  Please watch as it airs 6/12/2021 June 12, 2021 9:00 am pacific time.  Thank you in advance if you are new to daily wisdom words, and welcome to the family. Samantha LeBoeuf
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