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The winds of October

by: Guildford Windley

The Winds of October
October days they come to the coast
The fog of the summer now disappears
As the fall sky, fills with lazy clouds of white
Soon the rains will come to bring the much-needed water
To a land long parched by drought
The smoke from the summer fires that at times blank the air
Now has gone leaving only a land scared in ash and ruin
For now, we see some sun, though the air is crisp and clear
Thoughts of holidays that grow near, of ghosts and goblins
Of a stuffed bird with all the trimmings
This time of year as we near the winter solace
We look forward to a time of peace and hope and pray for brotherhood
A time for merriment and for renewal of faith; to reach out with gifts of love
Not fist of hate.
No matter what our religion be or what we see the truth to be
To share this time and hold our hearts open, to those that are different
As humans, of all spirits, rises, after all, we are all of one true tribe
On the winds of October skies; like little clouds carrying us from this place of mistrust
Bring forth, all our family and friends to rejoices, but let us not leave out the stranger
Open our doors and gates to those who are the traveler, who come to us seeking shelter!
Guildford H Windley
October 1, 2018

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