What are blessings?  Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary for the meaning of blessings.

Blessings-1.  God’s favor and protection  2.  A prayer asking for God’s favor and protection  3.  A beneficial thing for which one is grateful something that brings well-being  4.  A person’s sanctions or support

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of blessings-1.  The beauty we have been given that is a true gift from God

Blessings are amazing.  When something wonderful in your life happens,we all need to remember that it is a gift from God.   It is easy to forget to say thank you to God for the blessing we received.  We get caught up in the joy and exuberance of the great event that happened.  We sometimes forget exactly where the wonderful gift came from.  I am writing this today, in hopes that it will strengthen our faith.

Love is a wonderful blessing and it is so easily taken for granted.  I sometimes forget to tell the people I love, everytime I see them, telling them I love them.  I think it is at the top of the list of blessings we forget or take for granted.  The beauty of a blessing is a miracle in our life.  We need remember, that it is possible that our loved one may not be seen again.  We don’t control life, nearly as much as most of us think we do.

I believe ultimately, everything that happens is under God’s  control.  I realize that some of you who may be reading this, believe differently, I want to make it clear that this post is my opinions, but I believe so strongly that we need to be thankful each and every time a blessing happens, I felt it was important to write about it, especially because of this time of year with the holiday season.

It is very important to remember that not only should we be be thankful for the blessings we receive, but also remember to give blessings to others with the power of our prayers and goodwill for others. We can also verbally speak out our blessings to another.

Speaking of blessings, I want to thank all of you that take time out of your day to read my posts.  I am so grateful for everyone for this.  My blessing to you, I wish to share, is goodwill, love, health, and everything else fills your life in abundance.

Thank you so much for reading about blessings today.  May God be with you.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW



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