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How does capability affect our lives and what exactly does it mean?

Capability according to our Webster Dictionary means: 1. Power or ability. 2. the extent of someone’s or something’s ability.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Capability: 1. The ability one has to cope with their own personal talents, goals and aspirations under pressure or not.

Our capability in a certain area determines our confidence and self-esteem. Being capable means being self-assured with a particular skill or attribute. For instance, if your really good at soccer, this would be your confidence and ability to play it.

Capability can be affected by self-assurance. This means that if you don’t believe in yourself, you must somehow be affected in the area of capability. One component of capability is feeling confident.

For instance, when I was in middle school, people used to make fun of how I ran. It definitely went on to affect how I ran and happened at an early age where it had lasting effects. Everyone in my family is a runner and in all reality I am capable of running, but due to the past, I choose not to. I just don’t have the zest for it as I might have if that memory hadn’t affected me at such a young age.

Capability is what allows someone to head to the olympics, and a lot more than that. Without capability, you would have a hard time being able to achieve the results olympians do, but it is never impossible.

I watched a story about a woman who had 20% of her brain cut out due to injuries. She actually came back from being a lost cause, not able to speak, read, or even feed herself, and taught herself with the support of her family to come back and do all of these things. We believe what we achieve, and her capability in herself, allowed her to fight, inch by inch, her way back to sanity and restore her capability in herself enough so she ended up graduating with two degrees. That is pretty incredible considering the girl was already 17 years old.

Thank you so much for reading about capability with me today and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Daily Wisdom Words

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