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Control (starting now, I will do my best to highlight all previous wisdom words in posts, and create a link to them)

Control   (starting now, I will do my best to highlight all previous wisdom words in posts, and create a link to them)

Why is the need to be “in control ” at all times, so very important to us?  Most likely at some point, we lost it, and there were always consequences to follow.  These negative consequences of our actions are why control is so important to us.  Sometimes in life, it requires “recognition, something in your life is out of control, and handing the control over to a higher power than yourself, for me, called God.

I believe in life, there is what I call, an invisible “behavior line”, and once crossed, with a new pattern created of this negative behavior has been created,  Once this line has been crossed, we are no longer able to CONTROL these behaviors, like alcoholism, and other addictions.

Control, is a wisdom word that remains controversial.  Part or the definition of control is “the power to direct or regulate”. I feel the only behavior we control, is OURSELVES. Control is abused with ourselves when we don’t exercise some self control with our behavior and act on our impulses if they are leading us off the path, God intended for us to follow, and away from the balance in our lives obtained by knowing where our personal fine LINE is.

There are times in life, when we lose our way and just aren’t able to see the path to this line I am referring to.  When, in life, we can’t CONTROL or lose control and abuse something creating a negative ‘Pattern” like alcoholism, or overeating, or hoarding, again we have crossed this “line”.  I also believe once we cross over the moderation line creating a habit pattern on the other side of it, WE can no longer “go back over that line to the other side if this behavior causes harm  I believe the only way we can regain control over these negative habit patterns is turn over our control to a higher power, which I call, God.

Why do I say this?  I know this is true for myself because I am an alcoholic, and I don’t drink by the grace of God.  I lost control over my drinking, and this led to many negative “consequences”, and the only way I ever was able to feel any semblance of balance and

Balance in our lives does require us to exercise self control.  If I wanted to, (and have before), I could sit down and eat 30 cookies.  However, I  exercise self control, and don’t most of the time!

“Good for us” things like exercise, and  control with ourselves to maintain healthy eating habits, control with our behavior, in all of these cases, is positive.  Sometimes in life, we come to a check point.  I know with my life, there are many times where I did not maintain control over my behavior, IE., drank too much, indulged to much, and I had to do lots of “wisdom work” to learn my lessons God presented before me.

Control is important for ourselves and our lives, and making lists and staying organized and having a schedule are all important to us, and all of those things require us to use control over our time, lives, thinking, and acting on negative impulses without thought and the consequences and actions that unfold because we DID NOT exercise, self- control.  When we don’t use control over our own behavior, Consequences of our actions result.  Moderation is a wisdom word I will write on in the future, and I believe it is “key along with balance and can only be obtained through us controlling our actions and living.

In fact, we must maintain a certain amount of discipline and control in our life to obtain balance.  My viewpoint in life is “moderation is the key to balance”.

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