Why did I pick hero’s as our daily wisdom word today?  I want us to ask ourselves who has been the biggest, inspiring hero in our lives.  Someone shaped and molded who we are. This article will help remind us of who we have grown to be, and who helped us get there.  I believe hero’s are made, not born. This article will explore what creates a hero. At will go into further detail exactly what a realistic hero is.   Before we go any further, let’s take a look at the Webster Dictionary Meaning of a Hero.

Hero-1.  A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.

Daily Wisdom Word’s definition of Hero-The person who makes the most significant, positive difference in our greatest goodness as we’re becoming adults.  

This person can be a parent, or someone along the way who took the time to guide you in the proper direction when you felt lost.  If you’re a child or teen, you can often feel misunderstood.  In this case, a hero may be someone in your extended family or someone else.  I heard an interesting story the other day, and can see where the latter is often possible.  

I was talking to someone recently from my past, who usually wears a mask to protect himself from feeling too much for others.  This person is so used to listening to others ailments daily as part of his career. When I knew him, he almost seemed mechanical to me at times.  He started talking about Ben, who’s mother he had dated long ago.  With no children of his own, he fell for her two children, especially the boy.  Ben’s biological father was not in the picture. I think this motivated the mask this man wore to disappear.

He has continued to be a part of Ben’s life. Because I started dating him shortly after he met Ben, many years ago, I learned about his previous relationship.  That was over seven years ago and he is still mentoring this boy today.  Ben, the little boy of ten when my friend originally met him, is almost 18 years old today.  My friend has done his best to spend as much time as possible with him. He has evolved Ben’s interests, encouraging him to do his best.  He has even brought him into his existing family, and thinks of him as his own.   I am sure if I asked Ben who his hero is, he would give this man’s name.

When we are children, our hero is the one who gives their time to us.  More importantly, we look up to them, and model ourselves after them.  When we are children, we are always learning of our identity.  Our identity is formed partly from genetics.  Let’s call this the biological side of  the equation.  Also, it is learned from our mentor or parent and experiences we have.  I believe this may play an even greater role when a child is learning who he is and wants to be.  

The person I am talking about, hurt me deeply.  It has been over five years since I have seen him.  We speak occasionally at best. When we do, Ben is prominent in our conversation.  Who benefits the most?  The child, whom he’s mentored, or the mentor?  When I speak to him, he loses the actor’s side of himself when talking about Ben.  I would have to say they both benefit.  Long term, Ben will continue to benefit.  I have always understood my friend, and was once very much in love with him for who he “could be” if he let his guard down.  My friend is not devoid of emotion.  He manages his feelings, never allowing himself to fully let his guard down in a love relationship.  However, to him, children are the innocent, and because of this he feels safe.  He becomes animated when he speaks of Ben, and it is sincere.  

Ben wants to be a doctor, just like him.  Bens major influencer is certainly his hero, Rock.  I do know now that I was right about Rock.  He was always capable of deep love.  He is so ultra-sensitive that if he were to let his guard down with a woman, the fear of getting hurt would not allow him to do so.  

Because of this, I am happy for Rock, and any resentment or anger I once felt toward him is gone.  I am happy he has someone to love.  Most importantly, I am happy for Ben to have him in his life.

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Samantha Leboeuf

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