What are ideals?  Imagine your perfect belief  system and take a further look at their meaning in our Webster Dictionary.

Ideals-1.  satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect or perfectionistic.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Ideals-1.  Our dream of how things should be in a perfect world.

We all have ideals that are perfectionist, but different.  What I think may be idealistic, is not necessarily what you might find idealistic.  For example, I find an ideal vacation would be on a beach on the water in a hot, sunny place.  You might find your ideal vacation to be skiing on the Swiss Alps, or playing golf on a famous golf course in Scotland.

I want to talk about our moral ideals however.  This determines how we shape our lives and goals.  We should all have ideals and expectations to expect a good life for ourselves.  Ideals lead to high goals.  High goals lead us to success.  A path to success, however may be different from one person to the next.

One person may believe an ideal life would be being the best mother and wife she could possibly be.  Another person’s ideals may be to have a successful career or a high level of education.  Ideals and their importance should never be played down however, because they lead us to pursue exactly what we want out of life.  We should realize, however that ideals are also about perfection.  Perfection, if your a human being, simply doesn’t exist.

We need to accept the fact that ideals may be our perfect view of how our lives should go.  It is not realistic to expect others to be ideal either.  People that search for an ideal, perfect mate need to be searching for an ideal person “for them”.

What are your ideals, and most importantly, where in your life are you willing to compromise with yourself and others?  Because humans are not perfect, it is not fair to expect them to meet some type of protocol we design.

Please let me know what your thoughts and ideas are on ideals and what sort of role they should play in your life.  Scroll down beneath this article and leave a comment about this, or a poem or quote.

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Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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