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Why did I choose literature as today’s Daily Wisdom Word?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of literature in our Webster Dictionary.

Literature-1.  written works, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.  2.  books and writings published on a particular subject.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Literature-1.  Our new “Wise Reviews” section of the dailywisdomwords.com website focusing on Authors of published books.

Why did daily wisdom words decide to focus our website on literature and poetry?  Literature is very important for our children, especially teaching them to read.  I remember when I was a child, things were not always happy at home.  I was crazy over the “Nancy Drew” hardback collections of books and would save up my allowance to buy one whenever I had reached a point where I could afford one.

Whenever things did get bad at home, I used to go into my room and read.  I would read for hours and hours, and it is also what lead me to write poetry eventually as I got older.  I loved all kinds of books but most importantly, they carried me through the dark times when I was younger.  As I have mentioned before, since I was little, I have suffered with depression.  Literature carried me through those sad times, because I could get lost in a story, at least temporarily and get my mind off of feeling sad and depressed.

I have loved to read since I was a child and still do, and I will be doing some of the reviews for our Authors out there that need to have their books rated and eventually edited.   I recently edited the first 12 books of our Wise Reviews section of our Website which will make its grand entrance on Tuesday of this week.  I have not had time to read with the business of this website, except poetry, and I had forgotten how much I missed reading!!

I loved reading and rating the books and let me share with you, there are some extremely great authors out there.  As a parent, I can see nothing more valuable than teaching your children the importance of reading and the education it can bring them.  I always focused on teaching my children to read and I hope this website promotes reading to not only us, but our children as well.  I was pleased to rate two children’s books out of the books I have reviewed so far.  Reading can help us and our children not only with our education, but our spelling, grammar and ability to carry on a conversation.

I pray our “Wise Reviews” section of this website will eventually have an effect on the children of this generation through the authors we will be marketing and reviewing for.  No matter how far technology takes us, one thing I don’t see going away is reading a great, interesting, fascinating, educating good book.  Wise Reviews will be fortunate to play a role in this.

Thank you so much for reading about literature today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day, and hey, when you get a moment, check out the new section of your website “Wise Reviews” because when it comes down to it, daily wisdom words is about our members and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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Quelly013 (@guest_1548)
2 years ago

Samantha, this is fantastic!!!! So exciting and extremely happy for you!! Each week, the website is getting more and more awesome!!!
Congratulations BFF🎉Love you♥️

Quelly013 (@guest_1350)
2 years ago

Samantha, this is fantastic!!!! So exciting and extremely happy for you!! Each week, the website is getting more and more awesome!!!
Congratulations BFF????Love you♥️

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