Why do we always hear we should treasure each moment? I will explore this in this post.  First, let’s take a look at the meaning of moments in our Webster Dictionary.

Moments-1.  A very brief time . 2. An appropriate time for doing something;  an opportunity . 3.  A particular sign in doing something’s development or a course of events

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Moments-1.  A period of time to be treasured and made the very most of.  A moment passes to the next, and then it becomes the past.

Moments is a very important daily wisdom word.  One moment in our life, seems irrelevant.  Sadly, it is not.  Moments pass so quickly in our life, and we never think about them.  We take time for granted which starts with seconds, and next becomes the moments in our lives.  We hear all the time that we should treasure time.  Life passes us by and the present moment becomes the past.

Moments make us who we are by the decisions we make when we are in the midst of them.  We truly should treasure treasure our moments.  One unique thing about a moment, is that there is only one of them although each one is unique to us based on what we do with it.  A current moment quickly becomes our last, so we really need to make some kind of memory with each one of them.

Moments are sadly, taken for granted.  When we are not overlooking just how fast time passes us by, we can focus on the relevance of each moment.  We should fill each moment with something that is important enough to call a memory.  When we find our lives passing from one day to the next, this tells us we are not living life to its fullest.

Moments mark what quickly becomes our history.  History is what we are remembered by when we are no longer here.  Sadly, for all of us, we were born with an expiration date.  We get caught up in life thinking these moments will continue.  But, at some given point for all of us, they stop.  Moments are filled with happiness, sadness, and other emotions.

There is also what I call, marked moments.  These are the moments in time that we easily remember, such as the date of a wedding or someone’s death.  My point to all of this is that each moment we have should be lived as a “marked moment” in time.  We should be able to remember what we do in each moment because it should leave some footprint or memory in our lives.  Moments, even when they are treasured, still doesn’t do them the justice they deserve.  We also need to be learning through the moments in our lives so we don’t stop growing as individuals.

If we are making “marks” in history with each of our moments and learning something from them, they become important and we do remember them.  Something common we all say is we don’t have enough time in the day to get done all that we are supposed to accomplish and this may be true for some of us.  However, I have noticed with myself, that the more I have to do for the day, the more time I seem to have or make.  This is because I am treasuring each moment to get something accomplished.

One of the saddest things of all is when we see a moment wasted, that should be valued because it is a clear mark in history for us as we watch things like our first child being born, or our first child get married.  I wish so much there are many moments I could get back in my own life and I wish I would have treasured them.  I would change so many things, yet, here I am in my present, living my life the same way;  not treasuring and making the best of each of my moments.

I would really like you to read and think about my post today.  Are you making the most of your moments in time?  Are you making memories with them that are important enough to call memories at the end of the day?  Don’t let life’s moments simply “pass you by”.  What we all don’t want to happen, is that in our final moments, we must spend them regretting our past ones and how we spent them.

Thank you so much for reading about moments today.  There is nothing wrong with using a moment to think through a moment you’ve had happen to you that is profound.  We want to learn from our moments and take the lessons out of them that are in these little nuggets and gain insight and wisdom.

Daily Wisdom Words is a Poet and Author site designed to be interactive.  We offer various prompts you can participate in, a min-facebook application for each of us to take advantage of to network with other members, and so much more.  Joining Daily Wisdom Words would be a meaningful way to spend a few “moments” on because if you use and read what is in this website, you will grow and your perspective may broaden by reading some of what we offer such as Neel’s Wisdomology Page, a quotes, poetry and advice site designed to make you think and this is a very positive way to spend a moment.

Samantha Lebouef/DWW


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Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
1 year ago

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