Today I would like to talk about regret.   What if, each of us knew the exact day that would be the last day of each of our lives?  I know I would have some serious regrets in my life.

I feel life is so important, and we can’t live without breathing.  Every step you take towards your goals and dreams is a step to live life , each day, so at the end of the day, we know we lived it to its fullest, and may breath easy and in peace at then end of it. Were we kind and gracious to those we love?  I like knowing I did the best I could for the day.  I like to to end my day saying my prayers, and doing my checks and balances  This means rewinding the days events, before going to sleep, and taking “inventory for my day”, expressing gratitude for my loved ones and asking for forgiveness for daily sins.
Live your life to the fullest, without regret, because, we only get one chance to see or do or make right what we are accountable for.   Of course, because we’re human, we will all still have regrets, but we will take comfort in knowing we did our best in this world when the time comes to answer to ourselves, for our internal expectations, hopes and dreams.

We all have an amazing amount of potential.  The potential we have, can’t even be discovered, if we never take some chances in this life.  How else can we discover what our aspirations, hopes and dreams are, and have hope of achieving and accomplishing our highest expectations?
I want to be the first,  to write my list of what it is want to do, (task), how I will do it (game plan), and what it is I want to do, (accomplishment).  How many of us out there have a “to do list for our lifetime”, on file and actively progressing, growing towards accomplishing it, to our are full potential,  moving towards our goals and dreams every single day, so at the end of it, we will have as few regrets as possible?

We have an action plan for work, for our daily chores, a savings and retirement plan, but what “action plan do we have to move through, one by one, ” our to do list in life” strategy plan?

Potential.  If we don’t even explore it, we are, by default,  lead toward a clear straight path of regrets, never knowing how far we could have explored what those things are we want to do, living, and utilizing all of the God given gifts each of us has.  Are we making the most of the time we have everyday, in our life?  I know i am not famous, but what if, I was supposed to be?  If I don’t try myself, by making this list,  I don’t even have a chance to look back at my life with little regret.  I won’t even have a chance to be crossing anything off my list, if there isn’t one to begin with, identifying not only the things important to me, but who I aspire to be.  This list includes  my relationships, and how I treat those I love, and where I would like to be with these relationships, making the effort.
We must live in the present , not the past.

We need to be aware of what it is we say or do to others, in all of our relationships, and “apologize, take accountability, for the things we feel bad for on a daily basis”  so we won’t  regret   the past, always wondering what could have been done differently on our part with that person, or what we did not say or do for that person, and the overall potential other connections could have led us to, in growth and direction.  I believe we know no one by accident, and I personally, don’t want to be living every day in my life, thinking, about what could have been.  I want to know I LISTENED well enough to learn, and talked strategically enough to know when to have LISTENED.

Do you know what your full potential is, or are you setting yourself up for regrets in this life?  Your life. The life we all want to look back on when we’re old and say, ” I did everything I wanted to in this life, and fulfilled my potential.   I righted the wrongs I was able to, touched the hearts of the people I was supposed to, did what it is I am capable of, and defined those capabilities by testing my potential.   I believe by doing these things, alone, we would regret less, and love/live more
My ultimate message today, is, take a look at your life, and begin to write  your “things to do” list in life.
None of us knows what our future holds, but we do know what our past did, and what we could have done better or who we may have hurt, and who we could have helped, and what we’ve already done, and when we could have done better, striving towards growth and improvement.  We have already explored some of our potential, but push yourself to do your very best, to try new things and learn from your mistakes, especially from your past.  
Treat every relationship or connection in your life as a gift.  Treating others with the same love, kindness, graceful, forgiving, manner, you would like to be treated.  Life is so very short, but the love we can give, is endless. 
We make lists all the time:  Grocery lists, task manager, to do lists, but when will we take the time to make the most important list of all?   Our ” things to do in life” list.   Identify the who/how/what and why things to change in your future, starting today.  There will be curves and challenges as we go through our list, but, with tenacity, we can plant the seeds for each thing we wish to complete in life.
Treat everyone better and be keenly aware of your actions and what, the consequences are from them.
What can we change, NOW to avoid more regret, later? Target your wrongs to make right, and what it is you wish to accomplish, with your things to do in my life list, today, and live it with zest, integrity and happiness to avoid regretting tomorrow.  SL

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