Ok Reminiscing is our daily wisdom word today.  Let’s start with the definition of the word in the dictionary and the daily wisdom word definition. 

Dictionary meaning of reminiscing-indulge fondly memory of past events. 

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of reminiscing-Walking back into the past with melancholy, feeling memories fondly from the past. 

I think reminiscing happens to all of us.  We hear an old song, smell a familiar pleasant smell or see something that reminds us of the past.  I spent my weekend walking down memory lane, seeing young women,  now grown including my daughter who once were little girls frequenting my home.

 I felt a mixture of emotions as I watched Hayley now 30 years old, my daughter’s best friend since middle school, walk the aisle towards the love of her life.  Most of the bridal party on Hayley’s side were part of my daughter’s childhood crowd and friendships built alongside Hayley.

Hayley, who is my daughters best friend from childhood has always meant so much to me through the years and has been a part of our family. 

I wondered when my daughter married eight years ago, relocating out of state to Idaho with her husband if their friendship would drift apart.  The friendship between my daughter Lauren and Hayley built on such a strong foundation, has only grown stronger over the years.  Hayley didn’t settle down until six years after Lauren married so not only were they at different junctures, but living in different states. They’ve each had challenges throughout the years that would cause many of the best friendships dissolve.  However, in this situation, their love and bonds continue to grow.

It was with great feeling and mixture of strong emotions, I attended Hayley’s wedding.  Like quick snapshots I remember her as a little girl as she walked past me as the bride of someone she loves so much. I saw her finally as the young grown woman she is now.  Hayley is a beautiful woman inside and out.  I thought back in time with such emotion, and without realizing it, as she walked the aisle passing me I felt many tears fall.  Where did all the years go?  How, with so many obstacles did my daughter and Hayley keep such a wonderful friendship?  They say a best friend is for life.  I guess in their case, they have proven it to be true. 

As I listened to my daughter give her speech at the reception, sitting or surrounded with the  young grown women who once baked in my kitchen, giggling in Lauren’s room when they had sleepovers, seeing them every day or one of them at least, I felt sad but happy.  Reminiscing is sometimes melancholy,  with a mixture of happy and sad.  You wonder how the years have flown by.  You are filled with such deep sadness, happiness and a longing to go back in time. The wedding night will probably be the last time I see Lauren and all the old friends she and Hayley grew up with share for a long stretch of time.   

Reminiscing is one of the most beautiful ways we recapture our memories.  It is through reminiscing, as my beautiful daughter, now a mother of two boys gets back on her plane to Idaho, with me in Denver I feel such longing to go back in time. 

Life for me is so different now, and with great sadness I watched the weekend come and go.

I talked with all the girls who were part of a past gone. I shared time with these girls as well, and could see clearly who each one had become.  In their right, they each have made a success of their life and despite the paths they’ve taken, each of them still remain close. 

I felt yesterday in last night all over again.  I saw my daughter walk by with Hayley’s little sister, now in her final year of college giggling on the way to the bathroom as the reception kicked off. I wondered if only for a moment if I really could or would go back in time if the option were available.  Then I look over to my left, and see my son and daughter-in-law who is so awesome. 

My son lives in Denver with her and their four month old, my beautiful grandson.  I feel such love for them and they are a part of our daily life.  This reminds me that reminiscing is wonderful sometimes, but living in the present can be as well. 

Thanks so much for reading about reminiscing today.  Share feedback with me beneath this post in the “join the discussion” area.  I love hearing from you and any experiences you’ve had reminiscing, or any comment or suggestion.  Samantha

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