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Rain stop go away
I dont wanna see you come down today
I said rain stop go away
I dont wanna see you come down today
Walking through town
Till the rain falling down
I look again
And its nothing but a cloudy day
Yeh so i say
Bring the summer out
Let the light spread around
Take alook and see the clear sky
Coming our way
Yeh yeh
Im never giving up on
Being all i can
Im doing what i do
To make it work
And i think i got a plan
I gotta keep my head up
And stay in who i am
When it’s been enough
Let it out so
They can understand
That’s why i said rain stop
Go away
I dont wanna see you
Come down today
I say rain stop
Go away
I dont wanna see you
Come down today
I said i said i said
Rain dont fall today
Following my heart
Knowing it would
Bring me light
It’s never let me down
But i gonna help it
Do yeh yeh
I hear the voices
Said say that
It’s gonna be alright
Im moving on
Thinking what my
Heart said was true
Keeping it together
For now it
Seems so long
Im tryna hold it in
But deep inside
I know that holding it
Feels so wrong
And one day
I will break down
Just being who i am
So when it’s been enough
Let it out
So they can
Rain stop
Go away
I dont wanna see
You come down today
(I said rain stop
Go away
I dont wanna see you
Come down today)


It is here again. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the reason why I get so engrossed by Tatiana’s song. She’s not the only one. I also love Andra Day, Aquilo, Asa, Stephanie Gretzinger, Shawn Mendez, etc. I’m open to suggestion. I’d like to know more artist who sing like the aforementioned artist.

Anyways, let us get into the business of the day. Like I always say, it is DWW MUSIC PROMPT and we are all about music and poetry.

Join us by listening to the song, composing a poem inspired by song, then share with us via the comment box below.



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@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
10 months ago

Who are we on silent streets
walking through imagination
dark clouds take us
can I hold your hand?

When my light dims
I look for yours
rainstorms love to play
emotions on our minds.

I follow my heart today
these pages we’ve written
deep insight of our lives
lets this rain take me now.

Reenie (@guest_6766)
10 months ago

‪Sadness ‬
‪In this life ‬
‪The rain‬
‪Will save me‬
‪It hides ‬
‪My tears‬
‪From the ‬
‪Damage you’ve‬
‪Done to‬
‪My heart ‬
‪Now it’s‬
‪Time for it ‬
‪To go away ☀️‬
‪So I ‬
‪Can shine ‬
‪Like the sun‬
‪High In‬
‪The sky‬
‪Beauty and love‬
‪To my ‬
‪New life ‬
‪Without you ‬
‪Please ‬
‪Go away ‬
‪Rain ‬.

Reenie (@guest_6770)
10 months ago

Yes, exactly! . I love that you get my poetry. You’re the best!
. Thank you Abuh l, for your friendship too 👏🤗☮️💟

Reenie (@guest_6772)
10 months ago

Awww, I guess it is! I thank both you and Samantha
for your friendship you share with everyone on here too 👏🤗☮️💟 Music is poetry you sing 🎤

Reenie (@guest_6777)
10 months ago

😊 perfect 👏👏👏👏✍️ 📖

ShellZanneQuinn (@guest_6765)
10 months ago

Nothing but sunshine
I dream in my mind
Seems the world
Is full of frost
So many people lost
But as for me
At any cost
I’ll be my own internal sunshine

Reenie (@guest_6773)
10 months ago

Love this 👏

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