How does unity apply in our lives?  How can it make a difference in our thought process?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of unity in our Webster Dictionary

Unity-1.  The state of being united or joined as a whole.  2.  The state of forming a complete and pleasing whole, especially in an artistic context . 3.  Something forming a complex whole

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Unity-1.  The strength found within all of us coming together as one, verses the strength we have alone.

Unity is an important and wise daily wisdom word.  It is important in life not to shut ourselves off from others and their beliefs, because to do so, can make us less strong as a whole person than as in a group setting where we are getting other thoughts and viewpoints from others in the process of growing.

It has been tested how powerful prayer can be.  When we pray alone, it is strong and we are connecting with one with God.  We may not want to join in prayer with others about things we consider as “too personal”.  However, when we are praying for others, such as the sick, experiments have been done that prove, the power of prayer together for one individual in unity as a group.

It is interesting to me for the non-believers, and I am saying this from a scientific standpoint, not a judgemental one, that people find it hard to believe in God, (Not religion), but God, when experiments like these show there is a strong power in synergy, or coming together in unity.

Employment, especially positions like that in sales or skill level and education is highly competitive so it is our natural tendency to want to go at our work alone, to fight for first place.  However, logic tells us that the best solutions come from meetings held in a group for the overall company getting a broad range of ideas from different thought processes.  Hopefully this post on unity shows us some of the additional strength we can gain as a whole whether than working against one another.

It is easy to let competition and ego get in the way of common sense.

Thank you for reading about unity today.  Please share some of your thoughts and opinions beneath this article where it says, “join the discussion or a poem or quote.  Participating in unity is greatly appreciated because we gain a whole lot more, with group ideas and different thought processes than we do simply thinking alone.  Also, joining daily wisdom words is free for a limited time, so please sign up and be a part of a growing family who will appreciate your creativity and writing.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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