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Be truthful to yourself. Is there a reason you love that special someone? Can you really really say to yourself “this is the reason why I love you”

Try and see if you would have the same perception that I have towards this question. What’s your resolve?

Why I love you by Major may give you a glimpse but it may not totally answer the question. At this juncture, I say welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt.

This is a platform made available for you to exercise your writing skills and share with other writers on this online platform.

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Now, are you ready to exercise your writing skills? I’m going to do something today: vote for the best poem.

– Listen to song

– Compose a poem inspired by song

– Tag a friend

– Share with us


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Michelle (@guest_9196)
2 months ago

We bear scars
under the stars
yet we shine
mapping heat beats
it all makes sense
love takes n keeps
blooming scents
of friends
a swell of emotions
feelings transcends
in togetherness
across oceans
i hold u all close
in an inspiration
as starlings dance.

ReenieReid1 (@reeniereid1)
2 months ago

I fell in love with love with your heart!
The kindness you show to everyone
You never ask for anything
It makes me love you more
You spend your days asking
For poems
You even wrote a book
I feel in love with and i don’t
Do that easily
You are doing an awesome job
And for that I love you as a
Dear Friend Abuh

@Tetrametracall1 (@guest_9192)
2 months ago

You sent me songs to say
everything you meant
all those days together
laughing like we knew.

I’ll remember you
your light still inside me
all our moments glittering
like your eyes in mine.

We knew it was too late
storms took you away
lost out of time now
will you find me someday?


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