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I Don’t Care Anymore by Belfa & Julia Alexa

I Don’t Care Anymore by Belfa & Julia Alexa


Done dealing with how I feel for you


That’s all I’ve been trying to do

And I’m still breathing

It’s the only thing keeping me alive

Is it called living

Cause I’m always trying to hide…

Going through the lyrics of the song you will soon listen to or have already heard, I have been made to realize that man is insatiable. Have you ever been in a state where you think you are not enough and you try to do all you can even if it is damn  uncomfortable?

We have all been in that state and I am sure you want to talk about it. Here is you chance, pour it all out on Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt. Let the song guide what you emote and what you write. Welcome to Daily Wisdom Words Music Prompt. My name is Abuh Monday Eneojo. I will be your host.

  • Listen to song
  • Compose a write inspired by song
  • Use #DWWMP
  • Share with us via comment box below

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Abuh Monday Eneojo
Abuh Monday Eneojo is a poet and author of three books. You can check out his books on Amazon.

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  1. Michelle

    Dt care
    i’m walking
    in a patina
    with enciphering

    Lights sally
    on dwellings
    where my tears
    have gone resting
    on mildewed pages
    in a prayer narrated

    Manifested seasons
    have garnered
    my emotions
    in a chimera
    along with
    extraordinary encitements.

  2. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    I wish I was dead
    I wish the disabled were dead
    I wish the earth destroyed itself
    Nobody bloody cares about equality
    Nobody cares about humanity
    I wish there was no humanity
    There is no one like me


  3. Abuh Monday Eneojo

    I care not anymore.

    If I sentence you to my mind
    for a day, you will not want
    out. Even though you do, you’ll
    tear it’s bars with tears.

    In there, you’ll see how
    i became an addict to your
    pleasing drug. look at me!
    A slave to peace and smile.

    Sit. Look. Listen. Watch!
    No more. No more will i
    try to please you cos of
    fear of what you’d think of me.

    No more. No more.
    No longer will I be broken
    cos of you. Do you hear me?
    I do not care what you think!



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