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The Zigzag Path From Hopelessness Overcoming PTSD

The Zigzag Path From Hopelessness Overcoming PTSD

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BOOK TITLE: The Zigzag Path From Hopelessness Overcoming PTSD

AUTHOR:  Shirley Mandel Satterfield

REVIEW:  This book outlines the author’s battle from her childhood to her adulthood with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) growing up in Baltimore, Md., with an alcoholic father and abusive mother.  This book outlines all the things the author overcame from childhood to adulthood and points out through life experiences just how long a diagnosis can actually take and the mental symptoms that can manifest themselves physically in a case of PTSD.  This book also outlines her slow path back to recovery including a great deal of weight loss, and shows us how strong will and faith and love can be in one’s life.

The Author points out just how important faith in God can be in healing oneself with this diagnosis.  She points out five things that she did to overcome her disorder with PTSD.  

  1. Get your spiritual house in order and forgive yourself for your sins
  2. Declare your emotional independence from toxic friends and relatives in your life.  Move if you have to.
  3. Get expert medical help and peer support
  4. Get a hobby, use your creativity, go to school or get a job.  Do something
  5. Get fit and learn to sit back and enjoy life.  She points out “happiness is a learned skill”.

If your suffering with PTSD, or are close to someone that has it, this book chronicles the long journey one can take over the period of a lifetime before getting a diagnosis and what some of the causes are to get PTSD in the first place.  A great book for those needing to relate to PTSD, and the unique emotional, personal and psychological journey one sometimes has to take as Ms. Satterfield did to come to terms with their own diagnosis.  A must read for those needing to relate to PTSD and understand its inner workings.

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Yasir Sulaiman (@mynameisyasir)
2 years ago

You and I have more in common than initially imagined Ms. Shirley..

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1532)
2 years ago

An excellent book!!!!

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1494)
2 years ago

This book was amazing. I suffer with PTSD and the suggestions in the book have helped me tremendously.

Samantha Leboeuf (@guest_1380)
2 years ago

An excellent book!!!!

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