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Abuh Monday and His Wise Reflections on His Life and Works

Abuh Monday and His Wise Reflections on His Life and Works

Abuh Monday and His Wise Reflections on His Life and Works

Nigeria is one place like any other place that possesses the ability of making and destroying a man and his passion especially when it is ridden with certain culture that doesn’t allow certain profession. 
Life in Nigeria is what many would call ‘not too pleasant’ because of the absence of many opportunities they desire. I was in that category. I searched for a platform that would project my art but there was none. So, I created my own platform by reading poems on radio. In three words, it is adventurous.
I don’t know about other poets but poetry like my lecturer would say is innate. Inspiration to write poetry came spontaneously when my heart was filled with too much thought about the bad and unpleasant things that was happening around me. If I’m not mistaken, the first poem I wrote was about the war of choice between father and son.
To an extent, I think it was the need to correct and say things I wasn’t bold enough to utter that inspired me to start writing poetry.

On Twitter. I posted one of my poem and a member from DWW liked it and introduced me to the writing community. It wasn’t long after that encounter that the founder, Samantha Lebeouf, saw it necessary to make the host on DWW MUSIC PROMPT.

I guess it was partly the motivating words of Samantha Lebeouf and my love for music. As a radio broadcaster, music as well as talk is one the things we hold dear and also use while on air. 
I still recall how I tried to paint the imagination I had in my head but it just couldn’t come out until I turned on the stereo. So, yes music inspires my writing greatly. I think it helps calm me down or should I say ease the tension in wanting to express quickly what I have up stairs so I can paint the idea well.

Piary is a collection of poems that explicates to a great length, the things I experienced. I call it Piary because it is a poetic diary. I’ll tell you how I came about the name. So, I was in deep thought of what to call it. Truth be told, I needed something out of the world. Something unusual. “Since it is a diary of poems, why not call it Piary” That was me talking to me. The sound of it was awkward at first but a friend told me it was cool so I clinged to it.
I’m not really good with following rules and that’s the reason why I decided to make the e-book of Piary free for readers on Google drive. Hard copies will be available June 15. You could get via this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12cwPU-rqKGN5EHD_j6aWfnLpk-CrfWc4/view?usp=drivesdk

Now, drama and prose. I’m currently working on a novel, Eagle of the North. If all works out as planned, I’ll have it published before the end of 2020 or when when I start a post graduate course in Arts History or Journalism.
“A rough cloth is always not good to the eye but when you iron it, there will be a revelation of its beauty whether old or new. Many things happen in the mind of a man when he receives not creative ideas. See, just like a rough shirt, you must press it so you can see the beauty.” 
Abuh Monday Eneojo 
PIARY (Diary of a pensive poet)

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Abuh Monday Eneojo (@mondaydpoet)
10 months ago

I see you read Piary. Thanks for the interview. Don’t know what to say. All I can say for now is THANK YOU. Hope you enjoyed Piary.

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