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Canada’s Jamie Routley: The Voice of Contemporary Romance

Canada’s Jamie Routley: The Voice of Contemporary Romance

Canada’s Jamie Routley The Voice of Today’s Contemporary Romance

Today’s romance poetry is different from that of the Romantic era in that it is more realistic because it includes verse about the desires of the body, and not just the soul, and is a lot less realistic in it’s tone, Today’s featured poet is Twitter’s own popular ‘Jamie’ who beautifully blends both the desires of the body and the soul all packed in this one short verse verse, which is in effect a foreshadowing of today’s lusty micro-poetry, those two and three lines romantic poems that are becoming so popular today.

You caress my infinity

that lasts beyond the flesh

my souls fire…how do reach

through me

without touch…just look in your


the heat within, down my spine

teeth on edge…released…spiraling

beaded sweat,,,between the folds…


This poetry is adeptly written, but Jamie has not only shared her beautiful poetry with us, but she has also kindly granted #dailywisdomwords some answers to a set of questions in a written interview and her prose is just as beautiful and compelling as is her poetry.

Hi Shirley.

I feel honored that you want to interview me for #dailywisdomwords. The following are the answers to the interview questions that you sent.

1. Hi Jamie, can you tell us a little about your life in Canada and how your childhood played a roll in your decision to become a poet?

I grew up in a typical family in the capital of Canada, Ottawa. I’m bilingual and an avid reader. Had a lot of friends growing up. Played the typical games. I was the kid that everyone would come to, when they needed to share their problems with.  I also, went through much loss. My first experience with death was at 6 yrs old. I lost my best friend, she passed from a congenital heart defect..Through that painful experience, I found a love for expression through poetry.Tried through others words to understand the feelings I was going through.. To try and make things make sense to me in some way.

2. I noticed that you write a lot of amazing free verse poetry about romantic relationships, What was the catalyst that sparked all this beautiful passionate poetry?

I really love this question, Shirley. You’re speaking to my heart, and she feel it.

Poetry about romantic relationships, is who I am in a nutshell. When love talks to me, I’m the first one who replies with, “I’m here, make me feel it”. I love watching love unfold. When two hearts meet and start their journey. I see love all around. I’ve learned to see through my heart.I’ m not afraid to feel. I’d have to say what started me on this journey was I’ve seen some messed up relationships. Lack of communication, and for some the fear of intimacy. I wanted to write poetry for these souls, who forgot what love was truly about.

3.Why did you choose free verse as your signature style?

I chose free verse as my signature style because it’s an easier way for me to artistically express myself. Feels more of a “me” thing. I can shape the words as my mind sees them. There’s a beat  that plays and the words tend to flow from that place. Gives me more room to experiment with structure. Also it’s not glorified prose either. Though prose is beautiful in itself as well.

4. Is there any specific poet or writer who had an influence over you?

I can’t say any specific poet that had an influence over me. I do love the work of, Margaret Atwood, her poem, “Siren Song”. “Fog” by Carl Sandburg and “Tulips” by Sylvia Plath.. Especially her line, “I’m learning peacefulness, lying by myself quietly”. She made me feel as If I was in the sickroom with her. Seeing what she saw and felt. Poetry at it’s finest. I can’t forget about the lovely, Maya Angelou and her poem, “Still I Rise”.

5. Why did you choose Twitter in particular as a platform for your poetry, and what does the #WritingCommunity and #dailywisdomwords mean to you?

When my sister passed away, I had stopped all my writing. I felt nothing inside. My creativity was at a standstill. The more I thought about it, I felt my sister would be disappointed in how I was living my life. I thought to myself, “Let’s just try one poem and post it to twitter”. I wasn’t even sure at that point If anyone would feel my words. I wasn’t even sure If my words spoke to me even. Then I started to get some feedback, and people seemed to genuinely like that first poem I posted. My heart felt lighter, and I could feel my sister smiling. The #WritingCommunity and #dailywisdomwords has been a blessing. To find people who are like minded, who openly share their ups and downs. People who build each other up.Who welcome you in with open arms. How could you ask for anything more..These are people that understand your struggles, what makes you laugh. Create worlds from the words that live in your head. Writers, poets, artistic souls and creative beings. The main feeling I get is genuine warmth and love. It’s become my home away from home. I love these communities, I truly do. I guess what I’m truly saying is, “I’m blessed and appreciative to everyone I’ve come across on here”.

6. Can you share with us from the heart what your friendship with with Samantha Leboeuf the moderator @dailywisdomwords means tp you.

My friendship with, Samantha LeBoeuf honestly means the world to me. She welcomed me with open arms. She shared her heart through words.How she writes told me about her heart, hopes and dreams. She’s shown me her strength, even in times she didn’t see it herself. When we actually started speaking to each other, my first thought was, “Oh my God, I love this quirky girl”. Her outlook on life and her heart she brought to the table. “This is me”, was her attitude. How can you not adore a person like that? We eventually became BFF’s and I feel that it’s one of the best things that happened to me. She is that light that draws you in, makes you comfortable ,while in her presence. I can listen to her talk for hours. Which is why we have to be careful while talking on the phone, time has a way of flying by when you engage with, Samantha.. I love, Sam. I love who she is, how she got here and she’s all heart. She goes out of her way, to make everyone feel good. To know her is to love her.

7. Any future plans?

Right now I’m working on tightening up my poetry. and categorizing it.. Than hopefully sometime soon, having it published. Which is kind of scary in itself. A part of you wants to share it with the world. The other half of you , with that voice that sometimes talks too much, says “what are you even thinking?” “Do you really want to share all this?” I’m just keeping things moving forward, and trying to prepare myself for whatever the future may hold for me…

I hope my answers made sense, Shirley. I was waiting to feel better to respond to your questions. It’s not happening at all. So these are flu induced responses. Sorry I tried my best. I enjoyed this interview and appreciate you thinking of me. Thank you from my heart to yours! xx


Thank you so much Jamie for sharing so deeply your beautiful thoughts with us and I in particular am honored that you granted this interview. We are all looking forward to more poetry and prose from you and are eagerly anticipating the publication of your poetry. Take care.

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