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Twitter’s Own (Kattt): On The Cutting Edge of a Scotland Sea

Twitter’s Own (Kattt): On The Cutting Edge of a Scotland Sea

Twitter’s Own (Kattt): On The Cutting Edge of a Scotland Sea

1.  When did you start writing and why?
Kattt – I started writing in my late teens. My niece was a baby and I would tell her little bedtime stories. As she got older I started to write them down. She loved listening and I even tried the various voices (tried and failed I might add). I used to have to call her at night retell her stories of pixie dust and princesses who rescued the princes. Eventually we read them together.
The other thing that drove me to write was it’s something I can do alone, without being part of the crowd. I don’t always fit in with a group and tend to find myself on the periphery.  

2. What is your hometown and does your environment influence your writing in any way?
Kattt – I live in a small town close to the coast in Scotland. It heavily influences my writing in various ways. I often head off to the beach for a walk just to listen to the ocean.  I find water calms my soul and let’s me write. I also write about water a lot.

3. What is the seminal inspiration for your poetry, your favorite themes etc and why.
Kattt – I am playing with themes if I’m honest. I don’t want to feel stuck in a genre so I try to push myself past my comfort zone to allow me to grow into it. My most prominent theme would be realism tho. I use my personal experiences a lot and write from the heart. But also write about others feelings, their stories and experiences. I write their words.

4. What forms of poetry  do you like  use, for example free verse, sonnets, a meter and rhyme scheme? Do you write in other forms of writing such as novels, short stories, nonfiction or journalism?

Kattt – I’m most comfortable using the meter & rhyme process but then feel it can be somewhat pedestrian. I’m working on expanding free verse but not quite as comfortable with this.  I’d love to write in the abstract but my mind doesn’t want to cooperate.
I have some wip in the form of short stories that I have been “working” on for a long time. Over the past while life has gotten in the way of writing so I’ve utilised my limited free time in the form of poetry. I can rattle up a poem in 5mins (yes… you can tell with some of them lol)  this allows me to still feel creative and use both parts of my brain for a few minutes.

5. Do you have someone special in your life you like to write to or about.

Kattt – hmm, this is a tricky one.  Some of my writing has focused on past relationships – the good and the bad. I find it quite cathartic. I write to relive the good times but it banish some of the bad.  Heartbreak is always a good medium.  Currently, no-one serious but I’m working on it lol

6. What do you want the future to hold for you as a writer. Your plans.

Kattt – One day I’d love to put together a collection of poetry or short stories and publish but I have a long way to go before I have the skill to be successful. Til then I will keep experimenting until I find my niche and gain the experience to move to that elusive next level

Thanks dear

A Call to Home 
A Poem By Kattt 

I’m tense. 
My body rigid 
in the frigid cold. 
Breath erratic, 
As I rush to that place. 
That one place that will always save me! 
In the near distance, 
I can feel it pulling me… 
Calling to me. 
Urging me to hurry! 
I’m so close now, 
I can feel icy stabs on my ruddy cheeks, 
taste the tang of salt on my cracked lips. 
I hear the swirl and roar of the waves. 
On the precipice of the abyss, 
I silently flutter. 
And with unseeing eyes 
through dark murky waves, 
I seek my truth. 
Through a choppy, abstract reflection I finally see my beauty 
And with one tiny step, 
I finally feel home.

Shirley Satterfield
Shirley Mandel Satterfield is a Baltimore girl from way back who was raised in the rough and tumble world of a steelworkers family and writes Christian poetry, memoirs and nonfiction. She has lived to survive a life fraught with domestic violence, child abuse, and mental illness and writes to help others to survive the same kinds of things. After becoming a radiology technician, she went on to serve in the U.S. Army and later on in life attended Averett University in Danville, Virginia as a nontraditional student earning two B.A. degrees in English and journalism and was awarded the Ember Award for Excellence in Poetry by the campus literary magazine. She was also named correspondent of the Day by the Richmond Times Dispatch for a letter she wrote to the editor concerning the importance of compassionate treatment and the acceptance of the mentally ill by society.
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