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A Little Swedish Girl Spoke

A Little Swedish Girl Spoke

by: Guildford Windley

A Little Swedish Girl Spoke
What does it take to teach the world?
Is it a president full of his own manure?
Standing before the world projecting fear
Sounding out about border to keep the poor out
Whining about how his poor supporters feeling they are being persecuted
No mention of the water, air and land pollution
No matter about climate change, that’s not a problem
The scientist and others are all wrong
Big oil and fossil fuels, the oligarchs of the world don’t give a damn
Too much money to be had
People die in the acid rain
No air is safe to breathe
It is so hard to see
The air is so hot it is on fire
The water is unsafe to drink with flames shooting out from the sink
Food is scarce, the fertile land has disappears
Life is hard, but living is not very long
The trees and plants are all gone the only thing to eat is bugs, leeches and the bodies of the dead
The winters are freezing cold and violent storms are the norm
The summer heat is unbearable the air too hot to breath
Death is everywhere and those that die are the lucky ones
The year is 2119, just a hundred years ago
Those that spoke on the world stage back in 2019 are all long dead
The words of those that chose not to change to save the planted that we have
Now is a curse by what is left of humanity
Those people had a chance
A young powerful lady spoke that day
She challenges them to think, to change their way
To make a difference now to end our dependence on fossil fuel
She spoke with passion
But the big boys would not listen
They attack her and maligned her
She mentally ill, she doesn’t know what talking about is what propagandists sprouted
So the people did not change it was so easy not to think, our president said it will be alright, the economy is going great lots of money to be made
So big oil keep on going and their work was a showing the air, water, and the land, was being ruined by toxins from the man.
It wasn’t too long before the people finally open their eyes and then the people realize the little Swedish girl was right
But it sad to say by then it was too late
Humanity fate was sealed
Your money is no good in 2119
for there no food to eat, water to drink or air to breathe.
Guildford H Windley
September 24, 2019

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