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How many times in a lifetime do we suffer with heartbreak?  There are many factors that determine how heartbreak affects us and how deeply we get “hurt”.  Are we sensitive, and do we fall in love easily?  Are we able to control our emotions, or when we feel something, do we feel it so deeply that it causes our heart to break in matters of love? 

Before going any further, let us take a look at the definition of heartbreak-1.  Strong feeling of sadness. 2 . great sorrow, grief or sadness.  

Heartbreak is probably one of the most painful things we go through in life.  Heartbreak causes mental, physical and psychological symptoms when we are experiencing it.  It is questioned in the medical community if a person can actually die of a broken heart.  

A test was performed where a person had recently gone through a breakup, and a picture was shown of the recent ex-love, and there was a physical reaction in different parts of the body.  (Sweating or heated feeling, under the arms, and so much more.)  

They say your first love is the point at which heartbreak hurts so badly.  I found for me, the worst breakup I have ever gone through, was the breakup right before I got back with my ex-husband.  I had been together with this man for over three years, but he had deliberately kept a wall up not ever allowing me to get too close.  He was a Physician, and very very intelligent.  He was also very perceptive and although he might not be feeling those deeply intense feelings the woman is, he certainly is perceptive enough to know how to play on those feelings because he enjoys the attention.  

Sadly, I found out after our first year of dating, exclusively I was told, that he never kept his promise to me.  He had dated a girl previously before me and was supposed to cut off all contact with her.  He didn’t as he was close to her kids, and if he were honest with himself,  so was he.  I think he felt in some ways she understood him.  He also treated her like a girlfriend, even though he supposedly had one, (ME), allowing her to tell him whether or not to stay for a visit at her place and have dinner with the three of them, whom he called his family.  I, on the other hand, spent the first year with him in denial, when I knew in my gut he was still seeing her.  The truth of the matter is, I didn’t want to see the “truth” because that truth would cause me to have to  leave him, and I didn’t want to do that.  

You see, I was lonely after having my best friend, go away for two years to a place I couldn’t see him at.  This man has never stopped loving me, and with him gone, This man I fell so deeply in love with, came to the rescue and had the ability to make me feel comfortable.  

Years two and three passed by with the same kind of incidents such as lying, cheating, and doing whatever he wanted  so his life was free, while mine remained committed to him.  This all would have been fine had it been on equal footing but this relationship was not.  As I said, he was a physician and I was his patient.  The truth is he could get in a lot of trouble seeing me, legally, as your not supposed to get emotionally involved with your patients.  

He even took it to the point of proposing, to save himself and his career so when we broke up for good, I believed that he did love me, no matter what.  The truth is, if he had loved me, he had four months where I sent him texts, warning him of my best friend, (ex-husband) moving back to Colorado where I live and I had already agreed to.  I knew how much Jay loved me.  With the other man, I think he was capable of making a a commitment, but was terrified of it, so if he ever was in love with me, fear stopped him from pursuing this because he didn’t want to go through heartbreak himself.  

Needless to say, the last four years have been tough.  I am with the ex-husband still, and I think the ex-boyfriend is dating as usual probably at a  good comfort level with her.  Sadly, when he gets too close to the apples, the apple cart falls, but this isn’t my issue to fix.  Once she starts wanting more from him, such as marriage, he will run.

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