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Book Review: 3 Stories of Love

Book Review: 3 Stories of Love

by: Shirley Satterfield

Book Review:
3 Stories of Love by Yasir Sulaiman

Yasir’s book “3 Stories of Love” is one of the best new reads I’ve enjoyed this year. It is full of charming, provocative and lovely romantic poetry and prose.

In the first story “Just Between You and Me” one cocky, sharp tongued Yuvan falls in love with a very independent Dia, but pride went ahead of his eventual downfall, and there is an ironic end to this one. In the second story “Obsession” the beautiful and innocent Koran has a stalker who fitting comes to a bad end.

But it is the third story “Milan and Emily”: that really captured my heart and their pure love’s triumph over disease and mortality,

Yasir is an authentic and exciting new author whose books are a must read

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