Why is it important to have a certain amount of solitude in our lives?  Before we go any further, let us take a look at the meaning of solitude in our Webster Dictionary.

Solitude-1.  the state or situation of being alone. 2.  a lonely or uninhabited place

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Solitude-1.  The times we spend alone needing a quiet moment.

Solitude is something that can be good or bad.  Quiet solitude is necessary sometimes when we get what is called, “sensory overload”.  Sensory overload is happens when our brains get too much information and interruption to process all of our thoughts.  The best thing we can do to cope with this, is find a quiet place and breathe deeply even if it is just for two minutes.

Sensory Overload occurs differently with each individual.  Some of us can take a lot of chaos and noise and disruption without being phased at all.  If your like me, sensory overload can occur much faster with less disruption. The only natural cure for sensory overload is solitude.  Spending quiet time with yourself can be the only cure for sensory overload.

Solitude can also be unhealthy when we have too much of it at one time.  We can only entertain ourselves with our thoughts and ideas for so long.  Just ask prisoners who are placed in solitary confinement and isolated for long periods of time.  Some religions, especially Eastern ones, require that you spend solitary time alone in order to find God.

Solitude, on a long walk or run can be so relaxing and good for us.  Too much of it, can cause depression and overthinking of one’s thoughts..  We begin to overprocess these thoughts and overthink them internally.   This can drive us to feel alone and without comfort of another human being.

Solitude is a fascinating daily wisdom word due to its dual outcome depending on how we use it.

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Thanks so much and have a blessed and beautiful day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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