by: Guildford Windley

I cried little inside of me
For to show emotion is weak
Or so they say
To stand there and take it like a man
But what is a man, a machine
There is much beauty in this world of ours
Such wonders to behold
Things that we really don’t see
As we try to keep our humanity down deep
Those who make the rules want only a machine
For a machine will not question the command
They’ll do as demanded
For a machine has no emotion, no heart or devotion
It does not think, it does not care, it’s just a machine
The system functions well for the top
Keep the people in line, working and buying
Stuff that turns to junk
A vicious circle that only ends in death
When a person shows signs of emotions
When they don’t fit in like the master wants
They are cast aside like all the other junk
For the system to work, the machines must obey commands
But as the society marches to its own destruction
Slowly Eden is dying, when it’s gone so is man
Today I cried a little, it came out of my eyes
When the fog of a cloud cleared from my eyes
I could see the truth
When you see what has been done
When your brain turns on
You’ll question what the system has done
Emotions rise up from within
From the ashes of a dysfunctional system
Thus humanity is born
To save the beauty of this Eden, to make it whole again
One must burn with emotions from within
Be mad as hell, and demand a change to the system
Instead of perfect machines that cannot feel, cannot think
Let humanity burst forth, it may not be perfect
But it can feel, it can love, and it can think
The solutions to man’s problems lie not in a cold calculating machine
But in a warm beating heart, with a soul full of passion
Emotions to save our souls, when that’s complete Eden will be restored!
Guildford H Windley
December 26, 2018

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Noble Member
2 years ago

Guildford!! Excellent!

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