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Mendocino Dreaming

by: Guildford Windley

Mendocino Dreaming
On a bluff above the rugged cliffs sits a sentinel overlooking the sea, the old white gazebos stands.
For years on end, it sits looking out to the sea, waiting for the next bride to be or the person looking back on a memory.
In a place on the northern California coast is a county that haunts my soul. Its rocky craggy shore, hidden beaches lie in forlorn gullies. Tall redwoods and pine trees climb into the coastal hills. Here on the Mendocino coast is a place of idyllic beauty, where little villages and towns dot the winding coast, jutting out on bluffs of green, or hidden beneath the forest canopy.
In my heart and in my dreams I find myself drawn to this place, a place of magic where one can hear the sounds of the ocean sing and see whales and seals dances and frolic in the sea. A place where waves splash high on little islands of rock that lie just offshore, only a temporary stop as the relentless waves move once more to the weather walls of sandstone, these mountains that rise from the ocean to form the jagged cliffs of a place called Mendocino.
I can see it now, in my mind as I stand on the green in the distance is my love on the nearby bluff. She turns and looks at me with a smile that breaks through the morning fog.
Across the green and through twisted weather trees, my love comes to me. In the Field near our cottage, there are little quail searching the wet grass for food and deer in the forest of nearby trees watch as my love returns to my side at the door the cozy brown wooden building that we spend our loving retreat.
A place called Heritage House, it’s just around the bend of dark gulch on highway one. There’s a little wooden sign to greet you and a driveway that will take you to the big red door.
A building where the front is covered with vines of green, there also proudly flying is the flag of our country and two antique lamps hang on each side to guard the door. There are plants on both sides of the red brick walkway that lead to the place.
Here you’ll find great food and drink and the warmth of a large old brick fireplace.
Yes on this little spot of heaven you can feel the beauty of this land. Here the people are warm with a friendly smile to share and always do they have a good word to share.
Yes, I am dreaming of this place, for if the city where my home is, a place with its own beauty. The city of Pacifica, where my life of memories rest, a place where my foundation sits, if in a metaphor sense Pacifica is my wife, then surely Mendocino is my mistress, for she holds the allure that clings to my soul.
Guildford H Windley
December 21, 2018

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