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How does contentment play a role in our lives?  Let us first take a look at contentment in our Webster Dictionary to get a better idea.

Contentment-1.  a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Daily Wisdom Word definition or contentment-1. points in our lives when we find what we have been searching for and are satisfied with it.

Contentment is not always an easy emotion to feel in our world today with all of the stress and anxiety of some days.  However, we can find it if we stop looking for it externally.  Contentment can be found within.  Contentment is being satisfied with your life and happy about the way things are going.

Contentment is a positive accomplishment when we have achieved it and it is possible to achieve it when we realize that even if we won the lottery, there will still be problems.  That is why I think it is so important to find contentment within yourself.

I think the most  contentment I have felt in my life was when I stopped searching for it.  I also think in order to feel contentment, we have to take the time to listen for it.  Meditation can bring contentment by changing your state of mind and moving it in a positive direction.  Exercise, which produces endorphins can also bring contentment in your life, again by changing your state of mind to be open for simply being content with what you have.

Contentment can be found also by adjusting your expectations.  The less you expect your supposed to have in this life, the more content you will feel with what you have.  Contentment lies within and praying for it, can also help.  I believe God is always listening and you can pray to be happy and focus on the things that you do have in this life.

Strangely, the poorest people in my lifetime are the happiest.  This is because their expectations don’t exceed their limitations.  Hope, also produces contentment, because even if you don’t have everything in life your wishing for, hope can give you the patience to realize that what you feel you need to be content is just around the corner.

Thank you so much for reading about contentment today, and may God bless you with contentment in your life always.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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