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In a Blink of an Eye

by: Guildford Windley

In a blink of an eye

As I sit here in my chair
On my porch
Enjoying the night air
I can look out into the world
With smug and indifference
Oh, the world goes by
Things happen
Do I care
As I sit here content
No problems, no concerns
The things that happen on the street
Don’t affect me
My world is free of anxiety
I could care less
The homeless, the dying
People down and out, without food to eat
That’s their problem, not mine
Well off I’m I
For I saved my money
I put it into my favorite stocks
As I sit here in my complacency
My old rocking chair a rocking
The local paper in my hand
As I see the bold headlines
My face turns grim
Market crashes
Stocks wiped out
Oh what I’m I to do
My world now in a spin
Why don’t people feel my pain?
For as they passed on the street
They just all look at me, and they all grin
My complacency
That blinded me
To the reality
Brought me down
In a blink of an eye
My fortune gone
Who’s the one
Crying now
Hey buddy can you spare a dime
They all look with distain
Then turn and look another way
Living in a world of their own

Guildford H Windley
September 11, 2018

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