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What is complacency and how does it affect our every day lives?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of complacency in the Webster Dictionary.

Complacency-1.  a  feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements.  2.  A feeling of contentment of self-satisfaction especially when coupled with a feeling of unawareness, trouble or controversy.

Complacency can be a dangerous thing, leading us to ignore our instincts and intuition, because we become too lax to pay attention to them.  Complacency often happens with repeated routines, like walking home at night down the same route in the same direction, and then one night something happens.

Complacency causes us to feel too much satisfaction.  Complacency is a false sense of security that has a false bottom at the end of it.  It is reasonable to feel comfortable, to a certain degree and required for us to stay sane, but when we stay comfortable with the same routine, every single day, we stop growing as individuals.  When we stop growing as individuals, we don’t operate on all four cylinders and we lose our ability to stay sharp and aware.  We also lose our ability to learn new things and be fully aware of our surroundings.

Complacency is feeling too content with our surroundings, as well and with our achievements as individuals, again, stopping us from continuing to grow.  I know the feeling of complacency, as I feel it now with myself in my current relationship.  I know if I don’t put my makeup on everyday, or work out like I know I should do, (instinct), it won’t change the way my partner looks at me.  This is not a positive thing resulting in me not growing as an individual.  We, (my partner and I both) have reached a feeling of complacency with each other.  We both watch television at night and I watch my shows and he watches his.  This is the beginning signs of the relationship cracking at its edges, because complacency is false and I know this.

I also know it is time to make changes because as I mentioned above, complacency causes us not to reach our growth potential at any stage in life.  We should never stop growing.  We always need change, to stop us from getting bored and looking elsewhere for happiness.  As my old boss used to say, “when your ripe, your rotten, or complacent, and when your green, your growing.  Although there is probably a better analogy for complacency, that pretty much sums it up.

Part of Daily Wisdom Words, is me being honest with you about my experiences and hopefully you will learn lessons through my mistakes.  Thank you for reading about Complacency with me today, and may you have a blessed and beautiful day.

Samantha Leboeuf/Daily Wisdom Words



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