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The Storm is a Coming

The Storm is a Coming

by: Guildford Windley

The Storm is a Coming
The storm is a coming
Portland under siege
Camel green mercenaries
Occupy the city streets
Causing pain and unrest
Peaceful protesters rights to redress
Are meant by clubs and gas
The storm is a coming
There are to two viruses that are killing us
Both are spreading fast
One unseen, the other is a secret police
People cry for help, People cry for justice
Deaf ears from up on high
Power brokers do not care, they have their own ideas
People suffer, their no cure, just inconvenience for a mask to wear
Social distancing lives in disrepair, no jobs and people dying everywhere
Hunger setting in, no food no rent to pay, lost the place yesterday
Storm troops are coming to a democratic town near you, won’t be long until the Constitution, is just an illusion 2nd amended is the only inclusion
In Washington the Senate muddle through not knowing what to do
Millionaires on the floor debate; 600 hundred dollars is way too much, they won’t want to go back to work- to a job that’s are safe, to make the economy great
That reminds me companies need a waiver, just in case the place is not safe
Then there good old Don, his nieces have got him tag; sociopath narcissist little brat
The world that we knew, we turn over to a nut, whose only claim to fame was that he repeated five words in a row he so proud of that, and after several days this all you hear, he got them all right and the doctor thought him very bright that he got something right, not sure though he could have paid someone else to take the test.
As our Country slips from being at the top; now no one will let us in Now Mexico is having second thoughts about paying for the wall
A third world shit hole we’ve become
Anything that the Donald touch, just dies
While Rome Burns, our Nero golfing, poor Brett did you know he was cheating become
Oh let’s not forget how down he is, oh not about the election, Republicans are going to disenfranchise the country
No, it’s not about his vicious secret police or his right-wing provocateurs
It’s not about his crazy crooked friends or the Russian mob
Not about Putin, Barr or the family, after all, Melanie does best, just ask Hank
She’s in New York, quite a bit, and hairstyles are not the only thing being fixed
Could care less about those who are sick, dying or dead
With the storm, a coming and the pandemic out of control the troopers rioting- with all this the big thing to do is get kids back to school
Little kids going back to school, little super spreaders each and everyone, oh who needed teachers anyway, DeVos will lead them all in prayer she just won’t be near
To be fair not all news is bad, may have a vaccine by year-end
The trials look promising, a few people are recovering
Only side effect so far is the while the people are looking better, they all look like Steven Miller
But to Donald:
All those things are unimportant there is just one thing that’s really troubling trump and is making him feel all so unloved-Sob
The polls all are showing that it’s not him that the people love?
The people like doctor Fauci best- did you get that Melanie he do Best
Just don’t let Fauci pitch
The storm is coming, let’s hope and pray come January 20 we will see a brand new day, as the storm fades away.
Guildford H Windley
July 28, 2020

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