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The Unheard Scream

The Unheard Scream

by: Aloma Lail

The scream inside, you can not hear
Is a deafening sound within her ears.

She cannot hear the world around
Her pain and fear are the only sounds.

You cannot see behind her eyes
They’re are filled with tears as the child cries.

The wounds are deep and cannot heal
Until they’re opened then she will feel,

The pain she could not feel before
As the blood flows warm behind the door.

No one knows and no one sees
Behind her door down on her knees,

The tears, the blood that mingle there
Get up, wash up and brush your hair.

His heart is ranker, evil, and greed.
The wicked seed that demand she bleed.

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Aloma (@guest_787)
2 years ago

Again thank you.
If I may pester you one more time?
Reading the above, which is easier to get around, posting and no one reacts or not taking the chance at all and not posting. I fear I am one of those invisible people of the internet.

Noble Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Aloma

Aloma, you were not invisible to me you’re writing is beautiful Samantha

Samantha LeBoeuf (@guest_774)
2 years ago

Wow Aloma, I am extremely impressed. Very moving poetry and very deep. You may now submit your poetry directly from this site, to twitter, google +, facebook, and email. This allows you to post directly on this page and not have to post separately on another website. This is now a one stop shop. Consider this for the September 1, poetry contest as one of your entries.

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